"Youth Without Youth" as written by and Emily Haines James Shaw....
Hangman we played rubber soul with a razor blade
Behind the church, hiding place,
It was a long joke till the punch line came.
Can you read my mind, read my mind
Follow along to the end of the song

Hangman we played double dutch with a hand grenade
Behind the church, hiding place.
Apathetic to the devil's face.
Wear the sheriff's badge put your toys away
They let us go saying let us pray!

Hangman we played hide and seek on the fire escape
Through the smoke we saw the flame
It was a long wait till the firetruck came
On the count of three
Jump with me on the count of three
One two one two three go!

Hangman we played blind man's bluff with the ninth brigade
Throw the brick through the windowpane,
Double dutch till they stop the game,
till the cops Show up, hand cuff stunned
They let us go but we lost one

Hangman we played blind man's bluff till they stopped the game
Youth without youth, born without time,
Youth without youth, can you read my mind?

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"Youth Without Youth" as written by James Shaw Emily Haines


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    General Comment---Excerpts from Emily and Jimmy's commentary on this song---

    Emily: It started as just one verse - a story, a very slow, sad story about the decaying social state through the eyes of a depraved child. The song developed into several verses, which captured the growth of this child, the evolution of this child into a teenager who goes from playing simple children’s games to smashing a window with a brick and getting arrested, and being in handcuffs.
    So it seems to be oddly timely with the general sense of malaise and discontent, so it's kind of one those songs that wrote itself.

    Jimmy: We wanted to express some sort of form of anger and resentment, and the feeling of being pissed off because you don't get to experience the youth that maybe you should feel entitled to.

    Emily: Sonically, we went for kind of a seventies sleaze. It’s always a good way to disguise any kind of political statement.

    Jimmy: Or morose sadness.

    Together, they advise to forget the rather cynical content of the song when listening to it and to "get into the seventies sleaze. The Gary glitter beat. Put on a tank top. Put some gel in your hair. Hit the town. Dance around. Have fun."

    Gotta love these two. :)
    ladyfrommarson June 01, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationSo at first it seems as if they played hangman using a rubber soul (like a shoe) and a razor blade... this seems awkward. the Hangman refrain is repeated in every main verse.... and they are playing other games. there is no game called rubber soul that I have ever heard of or could find on google.

    But my very first thought was, what if, in their childish innocence, tried playing the Beatles LP Rubber Soul with a razor blade, trying to mimic a record player's needle.

    Can you imagine? That is the kind of secret children would keep, ruining a valuable album like that.
    Solanocardon January 13, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationDouble dutch is a game with two skip ropes and what you do is use 2 jump ropes and jump over both of them while you skip what it is meaning the to play double dutch with a hand grenade is reffering to the military.

    playing blind mans bluff on the fire escape means to be a fireman

    basically song means what its called youth with out youth
    goku100004on October 15, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThey won't ruin their careers by telling you what the song is about or they wrote it high and don't understand what their subconscious minds delivered. Most likely the latter.

    The hangman is sung in a similar manner to "Anna Molly" by Incubus. Anna Molly or Anomaly?

    Hangman, hey man or hymen?

    "Hangman we played rubber soul with a razor blade"

    Hangman is a coat hanger and an abortionist, the rubber soul is a condom and the blade is an allegory for murder and destroying one's rubber (relative morality) soul.

    "It was a long joke till the punch line came."

    A long joke is a penis, and then it came.

    "Hangman we played double dutch with a hand grenade"

    Once again the hangman is both an abortionist and a coat hanger.

    Double dutch is not just a rope game. It is slang regarding using a condom and the pill at the same time to prevent pregnancy. The fact that they were using a hand grenade means there was no protection.

    "They let us go but we lost one"

    She lost a child as it got torn to pieces by a mass murdering hangman (abortionist/coat hanger).

    "Can you read my mind?"

    This song equates abortion with murder. Whether it was a conscious decision or drug influenced is unknown but the deeper meaning is in there.
    AtotheBtotheCon June 05, 2016   Link

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