"Troublemaker" as written by and Victoria Garance Alixe Legrand Alex Kristian Scally....
Like a hand, you reached out to me
The thunder rolls in with the dark
Tiny fingers on the edges
Watch it unravel, pulling everything apart

In the night, we stay together
The walls are shaking in their skin
Does it become you, troublemaker?
Watch them unravel you, pulling everything apart

Someday, out of the blue, it will find you
Always, always a face to remind me
Someone like you
Someone like you
Someone like you

You watch the shape these things are taking
Do you cry out in your sleep?
Does it become you when you're under?
Your heart is racing, you're taking everything too hard

When you walk away
You show me how
Come pull me under

Someday, out of the blue, it will find you
Always, always a face to remind me
Someone like you
Someone like you
Someone like you

Someday, out of the blue, it will find you
Always, always a face to remind you

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"Troublemaker" as written by Victoria Garance Alixe Legrand Alex Kristian Scally


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    General CommentLike many songs this band I think this song is about a haunting memory. The narrator speaks of images creeping in the darkness. Being reminded of a face or something else from the past. Various things that are triggering other memories. I personally have not had a severe traumatic experience but know people who have. They carry their trauma with them and it haunts them in a way that is described in the song. Very nice piece of song writing here.
    Krugja13on May 16, 2012   Link
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    General Commentmy favorite song on the new album. It kinda hits home for me.
    glasspopcornon April 23, 2012   Link
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    General Comment For me, this song is about a person letting go of their inner troublemaker. We get moments to be reminded of our past mistakes or machinations and relearn to let go. The title Bloom, for me, is an allusion to growth or transformation into something better or more beautiful.

    "Like a hand you reached out to me" implies it's not about another person but a simile about being touched by an idea or concept. The darkness is the subconscious and we all get "unraveled" by the people we were before. "The walls are shaken from within" is another metaphor for this being about an inner space.

    The verse following, "You watch the shape these things are taking" is like something being awakened from within. Feelings get built up and you've taken something personal. Which unleashes your "troublemaker".

    "When you walk away, you show me how", is like when a feeling subsides you see that you can "walk away" from that feeling or feelings.

    Finally, these deep feelings can be awakened seemingly "out of blue". The lyrics are very metaphorical and don't think should be taken for face value like maybe some of their other songs and for me makes this song the most impactful. Which is why it's my favorite off the album.

    But I could be totally wrong.
    ToddBisMeon February 16, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningI think this song has to do with breaking up with a person and coming to regret the decision later in life, and being reminded of them makes you feel ill physically and mentally. Their face makes you feel to the point where you would cry, to the point where being without them changes your life.

    Depressing stuff.
    Shiggy2014on July 17, 2015   Link

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