My temper got the best of me
And when I said that I mean I know every single thing that I said was true
And I know that you're mad at me
But if you’re thinking like that, I think you’ll see that you're mad at you too

And I know the feeling's strong
Strong enough to forget about all that I've been through
And it sounds obscene, but
Loud words never bothered me like they do to you

You're the boy that talks but says nuthin'
A big game to the ones that you think will believe you
But you don't know how to read
The look on my face when it says, "Yeah I've read that book too"

And who the hell's impressed by you?
I want a names of the people that we know that are fallin' for this
You would sell your own mother out
And then betray your dead brother with another hypocritical kiss

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    General CommentOuch. I didn't even think about that dead brother line being about Jack...that's some rough introspection on his part!

    I don't think the song really gives any clear hints on who those could be about, but I agree that it does seem to be a two person dialogue going on in the song.
    Colbson April 28, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI don't really wanna go down the whole 'this is definitely about Meg' route, but I think out of the whole album, this is actually most likely to be about her.

    I think the first two verses are told from his point of view and the last two are told from her point of view, and is about some kind of conflict they had but it's both of their faults- however he blames himself.
    VortexOfLanguageon April 26, 2012   Link
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    General Comment"Loud words never bothered me like they do to you". It's it guys. I know you some utopical person, the person that loves the humanity and wants to save the world. But Hannah Arent, the philosopher, says that loves to all allows cruelty with someone that its by your side. I mean, I not saying that we don't have to care about other people, like the poor childrens of Africa, I'm just saying that we can create a moral justification based on all the problems in the world. Because if you do that you'll justificate bad acts like "sell your own mother". Arendt uses Robespierre as a exemple, if you read Robespierre's text you'll see love to humanity, the fight against exploration and so on, but when he got the power he made so much blood in France. So what Jack White its telling us? Be honest if yourself! Face the problems and maybe you could say "when I said that I mean I know every single thing that I said was true". Leave your abstract love and love your mother, give a real kiss in your brother. The great philosopher F. Nietzsche said once "We are unknown to ourselves, we knowers: and with good reason. We
    have never looked for ourselves, – so how are we ever supposed to find ourselves? How right is the saying: ‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also our treasure is where the hives of our knowledge are".

    Just love that lyrics.
    ChicoMosimannon January 19, 2015   Link

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