It’s a strange four-color love; it’s a comic book romance.
Two ordinary people picked by fate or circumstance
To be superheroes fighting for the world, bound by great responsibility...
But is there time between apocalypses to play out boy meets girl?
I think there is -- if you agree, then why don’t you come home with me?

I can call you ‘Tiger’, you can call me Mary Jane,
Take me swinging from the rooftops, kiss me gently in the rain,
And if I ever call you ‘Clark’, well, you can call me Lois Lane,
And you can keep the mask on if it helps you sleep at night.

You can know my code name, I can meet you on the sly;
I can be your new arch-rival, keep dramatic tensions high,
And when the working day is done, then you can meet me in the sky.
There’s not a chance they catch us once we bother to take flight.

Well, you can be Scott Summers, baby, I can read your mind,
Or you can be Matt Murdock, and we’ll prove true love is blind.
Well, if you’re feeling lucky, then I guess Longshot’s the name --
But don’t you be Bart Allen. You’d be gone before you came.

It’s a strange four-color love, it’s a sanctum built for two.
You wash over me like kryptonite -- there’s nothing I can do.
I know you’re bound to save the world; well, is there time to save me, too?
No supervillain scares me when I’m standing by your side.

You can be my X-Man, we’re Fantastic as a pair;
I don’t need you to Avenge me. Only let me know you care.
You don’t need to shine a signal -- if you need me, I’ll be there,
And when this issue’s over, I’ll still keep you satisfied.

You can be Colossus, it won’t phase me in the least.
If you like it blue and fuzzy, I’ll learn how to tame the Beast.
Now come along and put your tights on, we’ve got promises to keep,
And when the fight is over -- when the fight is over --
When the fight is over, I’ll rock you while you sleep.

Written on: 2005-09-25. Seanan McGuire

Lyrics submitted by Nonny

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