I am the song of the rose-owl flying;
I am the forest of the night.
I am the joy of the spring in dying;
I am your darkness and delight,
I am...

Honey on a razorblade,
I am fire on your skin.
I am standing on your threshold,
Spread yourself and let me in
And I’ll be you.

I am the winter wolf that haunts you;
I am the thorn-brier in your hand.
I am the labyrinth that daunts you;
You are the king, but I’m the land,
I am...

Hemlock in a wineglass,
I am reason wearing thin.
I am silence, I am screaming,
Close your eyes and let me in
And I’ll be you.

I am dancing in the moonlight, I am beauty with no heart;
I am stories told by twilight, I am torture as an art.
I am happy ever after left to sour and turn to dust;
I am madness, I am laughter, I am nothing you should trust.
I’m a pretty poison apple hiding something dark within,
I’m the thorn that blinds the princess, I am hiding in your skin, I am...
I am...

I am the hidden, secret garden;
I am the lock that steals the key.
I am the crime that has no pardon;
I am sum and whole of me,
I am...

Absinthe in an open wound,
I am ashes on the wind,
I am Snow White stained and fallen,
Drop your guard and let me in
And I’ll be you.

You are the mask that I’ve been wearing;
You are the shadow in the glass.
You are the puppet past the caring;
I am the snake deep in the grass,
I am...

Roses at your tombstone,
I am where we both begin.
You are only smoke and rosedust;
Let it go and let me in
And I’ll be you.
I’ll be you.
I’ve always been you.

Written on: 2005-04-06. Seanan McGuire

Lyrics submitted by Nonny

I Am (The Doppleganger's Song) song meanings
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