Sit right down and I'll tell you a story,
Ain't got much grace, ain't got much glory,
But I swear to God it's true, although I wish it weren't.
There's a world that most folks never see,
And you'd best be glad, 'cause it means you're free,
But one family saw it on the night their Mama burnt.

There's fire in the window where the nursery once stood,
And it's burning gold and brighter than her hair,
And the blood falls down like tears or rain,
There's no man can answer or explain
The reasons why, except it wasn't fair...
There's not a way that this was ever fair.

Well, she died too soon and she died too fast,
But what's done is done and what's past is past,
And what matters now is the family that she left behind.
There's a broken man and two motherless sons,
There's a war to fight that just can't be won,
And they're searching for a monster it's better if they never find.

There's darkness in the places where a sane man never goes,
And there's little light that any man can spare,
And it's two boys raised where no light shines,
It's three lives lived outside the lines,
And mercy knows, it simply isn't fair...
There's not a way that this was ever fair.

There's sons that lose their mothers and there's wives that lose their men,
There's a thousand soldiers fighting in a war they'll never win,
Because darkness creeps and darkness calls, and in the end, when darkness falls,
Too many just refuse to stand and open up their eyes.
You can draw your guns and give your life, but darkness never dies.

I guess there's not much point pretending
This tale will have a happy ending;
There's too much blood been shed and too many lives lost.
Now it's two boys left to hold the line --
Is it bitter fate or God's design
That sets the bill so dear that only souls pay the cost.

There's nothing any man can do to put the past to rest,
So we burn the bones and bow our heads in prayer.
And it's all just ashes in the end,
And it's destiny we can't transcend,
And no one ever said this would be fair...
There's not a way that this was ever fair.

So that's our story, and that's our tale,
They can never win, but they don't dare fail,
Because failure's not enough to get you out of the game.
And I'm sorry as hell that their daddy's gone,
But those wayward sons better carry on,
'Cause it's more than than the past that's going up in the devil's flames.

Two brothers in the darkness with no way to turn around,
But they won't go gentle, so evil'd best beware.
When there's no redemption to be found,
There are still a few who'll hold their ground,
For all God knows that this was never fair...
There's not a way that this was ever fair.

Written on: 2006-11-16. Seanan McGuire

Lyrics submitted by Nonny

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