This one goes out to all the creepers (this one's for you creepers!)
From fucking Spose...Spose?!

Look, it is alright if you're suckin' at life
And you're lookin' like death, smellin' like Bud Light
Buddy it is alright if you've never done a wholesome thing
And you're wallet's still as skinny as an Olsen twin
Just know, you can go low and recover
Even Jay-Z sold crack to his mother
Even babies that were born in poverty
Could win the lottery, I mean shit look at me
I'm the dope mic knuckler
Blunt smoke suckeler
Kick snare high hat smotherer
And the fact is, I used to have glasses and braces
And even I still did I would have the passion to take it
Higher than balloon boy, fired, unemployed
I worked a bunch of jobs that I didn't enjoy
But did I stay down? (No) I was way down..(Noo?)
Now I'm up like coke heads at sunrise

So you've been a sketchball, sketchball
A douchebag, Douchebag
It's never too late to get your groove back
So here's a news flash, a true fact
Tomorrow's a new day you knew that
It is alright if you're suckin' at life
If you lost your keys and your phone last night
It is alright if you've done it all wrong
Cause you can get it right by the end of this song

Hey, stop sniffin' the white, put your hands up
Stop beatin' your wife and put your hands up
Stop treating your offspring like Kate Gosselin
And bounce with me 'til you're fuckin' exhausted
Come on
Walk a mile in my Nike SB's
You can see that I used to be an asswipe
I spent cash on weed that I really didn't need
I was bummin' when i was on the fuckin' gas light
But it's true very few get their life cleaned up
You can see a sex offender in an ice cream truck, but
You can change from being rapist-y
To being educated maybe with a great degree
With a life a wife and a dog and a job and masonry
And you don't got to wait to be great so impatiently
Man you can change now, just don't aim down
Step your game up, there's hope if you're still breathin',even

Repeat Chorus (Slightly Altered)

Look lady if you're trying to lose weight maybe you should put the doughnut down
Looky here dude you're thirty-three maybe you should be a grownup now
Don't you see things could be lovely?
If you're Kevin Federline don't buy munchies
If you're Tiger Woods stop gettin' lucky
Shit if you're Michael Vick don't buy a puppy!

If you're pitiful, you should stop sniffilin'
It will be difficult but it could be different
You could transform from your troubles triplin'
To stackin' paper...Dunder Miffilin

Repeat Chorus (Slightly Altered)

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