"High School Football Friday Night" as written by and Mojo Nixon....
Well it's high school football Friday night
And that cheerleader's wearing that dress, just a little to tight
Well I'm standing in the bleachers
Next to that science teacher who I cannot stand
And underneath my jacket, I'm harbouring an illegal beer can
Yeah some bad eggs that are back behind the stadium smoking home grown
And some terminally troubled disturbed youth
Are racing around the parking lot in GTOs
Listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive, listening to it on the 8-track
They got the game on the radio
They're both playing at the same time while they're drinking
Drinking that Boone's Farm apple wine they stole from the Quick Shop
They're in tune with the game but they're too cool to come inside

Yeah it's high school football Friday night
I said it's high school football Friday night

Teenage gladiators in a range war for civic pride
And the helmets and the pads are crashing in the cool crisp fall air
And the pom-pom girls are checking their hair
The referee and the assistant coach are wrestling down in the end zone
They didn't interrupt this little state championship
Going between 7 and 8 year olds down there in the sand
Coach is quoting Jesus, Vince Lombardi, and Robert E. Lee
Yeah and the booster club is singing they're chanting they're going
"Rah rah ree, kick 'em in the knee
Rah rah ras, kick 'em in the other knee"
Cheerleaders are throwing these little white footballs
Throwing them up into the stands
Yeah grown men and women are wrestling for 'em
Like they're tickets out of this land
Half time, the lights go way down low
And the head majorette twirls her flaming baton
Twirls it around and around and around
Marching band is dancing prancing playing the fight song
And we're all standing on our feet we're all singing along
This redhead girl she asks me, she says "Mojo? Mojo?"
Said "Do you want to go to the dance in the cafeteria after the game?"
So there we were dancing low and slow to Bill Dell and the Rondells
"May I..."
Yeah the high school football hero he's king for a day
But being a life insurance salesman lasts forever and make that boy pay
The world seems right when the wrong kid goes the right way for 90 yards
In the kind of reckless abandonment you usually only see
In hurricanes, weddings and bars
And for one, weird glorious second, the whole town is united
Saying "Touchdown! Touchdown!"
Oh yeah

Well it's high school football Friday night
I said it's high school football Friday night
Yeah it's high school football Friday night
And on that green hundred yards everything seems right

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