"Fantasy" as written by and Guillebon Juan De Guillaume Teyssier....
The walls so high and you
won't feel
The moon is always spying on
your fears
I make it to the golden gate
and fail
So then you throw your fantasy away
to fade

Oh and I take,
take it in vain
So I fake,
fake it again

To Tokyo network stocks
I stream
All of my wasted dreams on
the screen

Oh and I take,
take it in vain
So I fake,
fake it again

Could I
not take it in vain? Oh,
could I
not fake it again?
Can't I
not take it in pain? Oh,
can't I
not fake it again?

I've sent my heart away,
like heroes in the rain

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"Fantasy" as written by Guillebon Juan De Guillaume Teyssier


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    My InterpretationI think the lyrics and the video have two different meanings.

    The lyrics are fairly ambiguous, so the actual meaning could and probably is different from person to person. Generally, though, the lyrics tell a story about someone who is hurt as the result of a past or pending failure. His "walls are so high" meaning that he lets no one in; he is withholding his feelings and distancing himself from those he cares about.

    Eventually, he decides whatever mistake he made was the final straw. He's giving up the fantasy that he could ever be successful. He's facing reality.

    He just wants to stop taking the failure personally. It hurts just to think about it - can't he just stop taking it in pain?

    He's given his heart to a cause (most likely another person in a relationship). His heart was exposed, vulnerable to injury and pain - and it happened. Now, he has to move on from the fantasy of happiness.


    The video, in my opinion, has a different twist to it.

    LITERAL PLOT: The main character of the video is a teenage girl (Girl 1) who is hanging out with her friends (Girl 2, Boy 1, Boy 2). They sneak into a pool and have fun. Soon, it turns into a promiscuous night, as Girl 2 and Boy 2 start making out. Boy 2 begins fingering Girl 2. This encourages Boy 1 to make advances on Girl 1, but she feels uncomfortable and out of place. She's but an innocent girl likely in her pubescent years. When he leans in to kiss her, she panics and dives into the pool. She sees something moving around in her pants, so she panics and swims back to the surface. She sees Girl 2 and Boy 2 have transformed into extremely alien and terrifying creatures. Boy 2's hand has turned into a large tentacle that is inside Girl 2's entire abdomen. Girl 1 dives back into the pool to escape, finds a portal through the bottom of the pool, and finds herself in a terrible wasteland, where she collapses in defeat.

    INTERPRETATION: The video is a metaphor for the loss of innocence. The anecdote of the girl being sexually confronted, her attempts at escape, her view of sexual activity as alien and terrifying, and her eventual defeat are all representative of the internal conflict that every person goes through when he or she loses innocence. The cause of this can be death of a loved one, bullying, or anything traumatic. The loss of innocence is what transforms a child into an adult.
    adamguy17on April 15, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionGodddddd I love this song. Can't make heads or tails of it, though. Freaky music video, can't interpret that either.
    Ventisiaon April 09, 2012   Link
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    General CommentTo Tokyo network stocks
    I stream
    All of my wasted dreams on
    the screen

    I believe this song is much more about the movie/show genre definition of "fantasy" (Dwarfs, Elves or at least alternate universes in Sci-Fi and whatnot). "Tokyo networks stocks" is such a weird as line it doesn't even work as randomness, I think is about a real-world company. He's probably saying he's wasted countless hours watching Japanese Anime stuff (which is 95% "fantasy" stories in the widest sense).

    It's a song about escapism.

    The video is only indirectly (but rather cleverly) related.
    synthzon December 16, 2012   Link
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    My Interpretation"The walls so high and you won't feel. The moon is always spying on your fears."
    These lines refer to some sort of struggle/failure - "the walls" are the speaker's troubles and the comment about the moon emphasizes that he, the speaker, can't escape them. Note the imagery: darkness accompanies the moon/nighttime and "high" walls suggest an insurmountable problem.

    "I make it to the golden gate and fail. So then you throw your fantasy away to fade."
    The meaning of this line is a bit obvious - the speaker went to the Golden Gate bridge with the intent of jumping off, but couldn't do it. He then concludes that he has to live with his life, so he "throws [his] fantasy away to fade." The speaker had dreams, a fantasy that he wanted to live out. Now that he's failed to achieve that fantasy, he throws it away.

    "Oh and I take, take it in vain. So I fake, fake it again."
    The speaker laments on his efforts to achieve his dream. He feels his efforts were in vain because he ultimately never actualized his fantasy. This "fake" line is a bit tricky. I think the speaker decides to "fake" that everything is alright - that his fantasy can still be achieved and that despite how he miserable he feels, everything is OK.

    "To Tokyo network stocks I stream. All of my wasted dreams on the screen."
    This gives some insight on the speaker's "fantasy." He put his money, life, and dreams into his investments in an attempt to strike it rich, but it all fell through. It all fails, and he's put into the position from which he narrates the song.

    "Could I not take it in vain? Could I not fake it again? Can't I not take it in pain?"
    At this point, I think the speaker is falling apart and he can't cope with what has happened. He can't "fake" it anymore - he wants to escape, but he can't.

    "I've sent my heart away, like heroes in the rain."
    Figuratively, the speaker says he has sent his heart away. The "heart" is what makes us truly human - he's basically declaring himself too miserable to live on. A curious simile is used here - the heart is sent away "like heroes in the rain." Not really sure how to interpret that, but think to the imagery of rain - dark, and gloomy. Its connotation suggests misery. I like @isenyneon's interpretation from over at songmeanings... to quote him/her: "[he is] lamenting that he followed society's image of what's valuable."
    ilyPenn23on July 22, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationVIDEO PLOT:
    Girl 1, Boy 1 and Girl 2, Boy 2 take a trip to a closed indoor swimming pool in the middle of the night. As time progresses, Boy 2 begins making advances on Girl 2 and even begins fingering her. Boy 1, obviously attracted to Girl 1, closes in on her and tries to approach her in a similar manner, but the girl, feeling awkward and unprepared for such an event, dives in the pool at an attempt to escape. She experiences something strange in the pool and looks down at her body only to find that something is squirming and attempting to push its way out of her shorts. As she surfaces, Boy 1 approaches her, concerned. She looks at him shyly and then notices that Girl 2 and Boy 2, previously engaged, have mutated into some horrific thing. Boy 2's hand has become some sort of a parasitic tentacle or claw. The scene progresses with the mutilation of Boy 1 in a very sexual manner: his pants are removed and Girl 2's head devours his genitalia. Girl 1 is horrified and in a desperate attempt to escape, dives into the pool. She notices that the bottom has turned into some sort of a portal and she exits out the other side. As she surfaces, she notices a barren world with an enormous monster of some sort. Her body cannot cope and she dies.

    The pool is obviously a link between 2 worlds. Ours and another, a wasteland that contains vastly more carnal creatures, alien-like in their appearance. One might almost say that their entire existence revolves around sex. As the children in the pool begin to turn their thoughts toward more mature subjects, the creatures from the other side feel an attraction to their promiscuity and invade their bodies. A note must be taken that the body parts of the indecent couple engaged in sexual acts are the parts that transform. The hand that he was using to penetrate her and the head (mouth) that she was about to use to devour the other boy's genitals. The remaining girl, in her adamant refusal to accept such things as sacred, makes a wild dash for it, only to find that she is now trapped in their world, where she finds a massive creature that (in my opinion) appears to be a composite of many smaller ones, a sort of alien-esque orgy, if you will. For her, it is as if she is gazing upon a god (one that she has not accepted, since she rejected the boy's advances earlier) and so she is consumed. As per most mythology on gods and God, mortals may not gaze upon the true form of an immortal without being destroyed, so as she looks upon the god of the carnal universe, her body cannot cope and disintegrates, beginning with her eyes.
    scenvreshon June 09, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThey sneak inside, one girl being insecure, as is her counterpart.
    One of the couples then place themselves in one end of the pool and starts to "grow up to become adult".
    The other couple is talking, and the guy approaches to kiss (=grow up), but the girl wants to keep her childhood and jumps into the water to keep it.
    Then adulthood enters without her consent. She gets out of the water and the guy rushes up to see if she's OK.
    Here's where it gets "freaky" according to the majority.
    The other couple shows up as monsters (=they've horribly grown up to become adults), and starts to attack them.
    The girl runs away quick enough, as she is desperate to stay young. The boy however, is eaten (=becomes and adult the painful way).
    The girl tries again and again to escape adulthood, but ends up diving into the pool. She takes a leap through the portal and into the world of adulthood.
    She who wanted to be a child.
    She then sees what she's become, and what she has entered, and then her eyes bursts into flames (=tears).
    Sjaleoon September 29, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think the video pays tribute to H.P. Lovecraft and his many twisted works. The giant silhouette of a creature in the end was the Cthulhu. It was so great in power that just looking at it the girl's eyes exploded.
    Al3CDEon February 22, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningI'm pretty sure this song is about someone who pursued a high-pressure career he didn't really want for prestige. Now he feels trapped in it and is having severe regrets, struggling and doubting that there's still time to change his life and do what he really wants--

    1. "made it to the golden geek and failed So then you throw your fantasy away
    to fade" -- worked hard to do something technically oriented and prestigious and tries to numb his actual desires to fit in on the job
    2. "to tokyo network stocks i stream, all my wasted dreams on the screen" -- became a financial analyst/stock broker and reminded of his unfulfilled passion every day
    3. "Could I
    not take it in vain? Oh,
    could I
    not fake it again?"
    -- couldn't I be real and do what I really like rather than faking interest in things to "get ahead"
    4. "I sent my heart away like heros in the rain" -- lamenting that he followed society's image of what's valuable rather than pursuing what he was truly passionate about
    isenyneon May 26, 2013   Link
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    General CommentHonestly I think the video is about a girl who does not quite know about sex and arousal, and it terrifies her. She feels that it's grotesque, possibly even sinful, and when her two friends are having sex in front of her, she sees them as monsters, and shuts herself off from reality.
    xJaybirdxon November 01, 2013   Link
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    General CommentOkay, I think the song is talking about society wants teens to seem cool. But, the video...I have no idea. The video was creepy but the song is fine.
    HarleyQuinn01on December 12, 2013   Link

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