"Behind The Sun" as written by and Fredrik/kidman Thordendal....
Carelessly you sentence. How indifferently you kill
The prophecies of mans corruption fulfilled

Arbitrarily you harm. Snap your fingers, cue demise
Murder on impulse. Your evil inclinations wrapped in lies

Divine man. Appointed. Claiming the stern voice of god
Absolute judgments passed from where you cowards hide
The lair of snakes. Your dark haven
Where you and your ophidian partisans abide

The doctrine of your unholy trinity
The violence, the spite and the enslavement
You awesome monarch, you man of dominance
All shall be as you decide

Illustrious ruler of all things
Wield your razors, cut the flesh of man
Control, govern and lead us
Into the nightmare of your wishes fulfilled

Grab the reins, you awesome puppeteer, you conductor of chains
Redeemer. Unbreakable strings. Damnation leashes
Remote cords extend, the trusses they run
They stretch all the way behind the sun

So vain our attempts, the useless tugging
This meaningless gnawing at restraints by which we're bound
Hail the tyrant saint, the great bereaver
You will bow before the emperor crowned

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"Behind the Sun" as written by Dick August Loevgren Dick August L�vgren

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    My InterpretationThe illuminati interpretation below makes sense. I learned today that "behind the sun" is an Egyptian idiom meaning "to make one disappear" (thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/22/egypts-president-could-win-a-trip-to-space-whether-he-wants-one-or-not/)
    which is actually what made me think to come here. This is a great song and I have never read the lyrics closely before.
    I think that it could also be referring to political power or religious power. The "unholy trinity" could be judicial, legislative, and executive branch, or it could be god, the father, and the holy ghost. This song is clearly about leaders that oppress, judge, and torment the masses.
    maxscamon February 22, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI feel this song is about religion corrupting man, influencing and dictating our lives. All to fulfill the agenda of some people who realized they were smarter than the general public and decided to use it to their benefit.
    Dreadlockon February 05, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationAlthough I'd like to not jump to conclusions, I'm getting the sense that this track's lyrics are trying to describe the malicious intent of a shadowy world conspiracy/secret organisation. Perhaps one of those proposed in recent years, like the Illuminati. The other track of this record "The Demon's Name Is Surveillance" seemed to describe the actual overwatch of a such organization, and this track instead handles the actual (ill)deeds of such a congregation of bureocracies, and how they are willing to do anything to fulfill whatever plan they have set in motion.

    Just my two cents...
    Triggenon April 17, 2012   Link
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    My Opinionthose of you who downvoted me - feel free to contribute your own brilliant interpretation of these lyrics. If I am so far off, at least explain why.
    Triggenon September 07, 2012   Link

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