"Marrow" as written by and Fredrik/kidman Thordendal....
Lasciviously they move
Two powers bound for unity
Like magnets, they align, under immunity
The product of their congress, their libidinous deed
Insatiable mouth of conflict and greed

Beware the soon to be born bringer of pain

One evil by another inseminated
Pure hatred conceived
The pairing of blood and power
A spawn of harm produced
Death and profit begotten, fused

A ghost-producing offspring. Immorality's embodiment
Spite and disgust incarnate. A progeny insane

Tar-black ejaculate
The seminal bile of conspiracy
The blood of those who died
Their innocence, their marrow

The pursuit of ruin. Murderous ambition
Bloodshed, the careless taking of lives
A conduct symbolic of its condition

Behold the newborn monstrosity
Descendant of avarice
Indifferent war machine in all its violent glory
A callous iron god born to reign

Tar-black ejaculate
The seminal bile of conspiracy
The blood of those who died
Their innocence, their marrow

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"Marrow" as written by Dick August Loevgren Dick August L�vgren

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    Song MeaningThis one seems to be about the recent corporate funded wars/military industrial complex.

    "Tar-black ejaculate" - Oil. The resulting product, the reward, from the wars is oil.

    "The pursuit of ruin. Murderous ambition" - Certain corporations benefit enormously from military conflicts. By the very nature of capitalism these companies are therefore striving for war which brings death and ruin.

    "The pairing of blood and power" and "Death and profit begotten, fused" refer to capitalism/Western economy directly being linked to world conflict.

    "Behold the newborn monstrosity" - this pairing of war and capitalism is a relatively recent occurance in modern history.

    "Indifferent war machine in all its violent glory" - a corporation is a self-sustaining almost organism, who's only real purpose is to make a profit. A corporation when thought of as a single organism is indifferent to human lives. These corporations are now directly tied into wars/military.
    TheMeshuggeneron April 17, 2016   Link
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    General CommentIt's about the birth of the Anti-Christ.
    hrchaveson March 04, 2013   Link

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