stepped outta the bar and into the street
And there she was standin' there
A sexy momma lookin' so petite
With red lips and jet black hair
I said, "I'm lonely tonight
so you're comin' with me. Oh, honey, lucky you!"
She said, "You're kinda short, but you'll have to do
'cause tonight I'm lookin' to screw!"

I found a sucker
Who likes to play
I'll pretend that I love her
Until I go away
I'll stick around and bang
Until the next best thing
I found a sucker
Who'll have my way

We got back to my room
It was dark as a tomb
And I took off all my clothes
She wasn't messin' around
We were goin' to town
As I pulled down her pantyhose
Then she opened her mouth
She was goin' south
Blood rushed to my head
Sexlessly, she was aimin' to please
And I bet she'd be good in bed

I found a sucker
'Cause she likes the meat
You all know a good hummer
Just can't be beat
She sure knows how to blow
She takes it nice and slow
That girl's a sucker
Ain't that a treat

"And it goes like this!"
Na, na, na
Na, na,na
Na, na, na, na, na...

So we're havin' our fun
And she's gettin' it done
And it's feelin' like ecstasy
She says, "Open your eyes.
I got a surprise"
And it happened so suddenly
She lifted up to my chin
And she gave me a grin
When I noticed these little fangs
She stuck 'em in my vein
I couldn't bear the pain
She went and ruined everything

That girl's a sucker!
I couldn't get away
I tried to convince her
I cried to in vain:
"I'm still a human being
You can't do this to me!"
But she's a blood sucker
And I'm her prey

I think
aren't real, they don't exist
But I'm locked
in her arms
suffering a deadly kiss

And I'm the sucker now
I'm the sucker now
I'm the sucker now
I'm the sucker now

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