We give you the unusual
A fourth referee
Wall slamming in
On the new opponent
51 men who are safe on a useless ship
Sailing on another wasted season of fair play
Maintaining the lead
This far into the hunting season

Speak fat man into the double barrel
Two seconds of golden opportunity
And you're out of the jam

Do it the legal way
When no one's looking
Big "Gee" (little "oh")


Don't let them get you down boys
Noses to the ground boys

Keep moving your automatic feet
Keep pushing your flimsy brothers

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Brick Soul Mascots Part 1 song meanings
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    My InterpretationA "Brick Soul Mascot" refers to someone who acts as a buffer between politicians and business leaders (i.e. "a fourth referee"). Their goal is to silently manipulate commerce and social evolution on a macro level to constantly tip the scales in their favor. This is a small group of men who basically hold the rest of us at gunpoint because they (more or less) determine all the most important rules and regulations of business and finance (and hence, they determine which governments get which loans from which central banks). Notice that he uses the number 51, which means "power and knowledge" in the Kabbalah.

    He also talks about "hunting season" and "fair play". In the narrator's eyes, "fair play" basically means "If I can constantly trick you over and over again without you realizing it, then how is it wrong? Fair is fair..". He represents a group of predators who just keep tricking people over and over again.. year after year.. or "hunting season after hunting season" as they see it. You'll also notice he mentions "big Gee". This is a reference to the Masonic G, which is often shown in their "square and compass" logo. In short, the narrator is telling us that he's part of an elite secret society who rules the world.

    When he says..

    "don't let them get you down boys
    noses to the ground boys"

    ..he means "Don't let those who question your actions wear you down, Mr. Politician/Businessman. Just keep doing what I advise you to do (i.e. keep your noses to the ground), and everything will be fine."
    rejesterdon March 19, 2012   Link

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