"Home" as written by Edward Jonathan Harris and Louisa Rose Allen....
What's left hanging
In the air, In the air
Break the cycle
Round and round
Round and round we go

You play hide and seek
Now I see, now I see the light
Eyes spill over
Start to swim
Start to swim away

These strange faces
It was only yesterday we spoke on the phone
A distant memory from all those years ago
But now I'm looking at all these strange faces
And I'm not coming home

I never heard you speak like this
On the phone (on the phone)
You carry the weigh and I take the guilt
Brings me down
Brings me down to this

These strange faces
It was only yesterday we spoke on the phone
A distant memory from all those years ago
But now I'm looking at all these strange faces
And I'm not coming home

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"Home [*]" as written by Louisa Rose Allen Jonny Harris


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    General Commentwhat is the real name of this song?!
    megan2013on April 06, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm not totally certain of this since I haven't heard Louisa's (Foxes') real interpretation of it, but I think Home describes her hardship with moving from her hometown of Southampton to London. From interviews I've seen, she said she didn't really have a plan plotted out for her life when she moved and she spent a lot of time sleeping on couches. Sometimes, I listen to songs and try to imagine the artist's reason for writing the song or the situations that inspired it. For some reason, I always imagine this as a farewell song to her mum as she moves away from home.

    So I imagine the first verse to be at a time right before she leaves. It's hard for her and her mum so there are words that are "left hanging in the air". The second verse I see as a metaphor as them actually playing hide and seek, which shows Lou's youth and also darkness and ignorance. Now, she's grown up and she "sees the light" or has had some sort of enlightenment. The eyes spill over bit is her crying since it is an emotional time for her since she's leaving her childhood and everything she's ever known to try and find herself.
    The refrain I imagine Loui walking around in London for one of the first times since she's arrived. She had a phone call with her mother the day prior, but after being submerged in the excitement of London makes it seem like it was ages ago. It's a strange feeling and quite scary to set yourself in a new world without a plan, but after seeing everything, she feels a sense of courage and knows that this is the place she has to be and that she's not going home. The third and final verse has had a couple different meanings for me over time. At first, I interpreted this verse as an argument where she sees someone (perhaps a boyfriend at the time or something) in a whole new light. Now, since I see this as a farewell song, I see this verse as Lou talking to her mum on the phone again after she's seen all there is to see in the city. When she says "I never heard you speak like this", I imagine this as her mother finally talking to her like an adult, no filters, maybe warning her about the struggles of life and the possible risk of failures she'll face. So for Louisa, this is a shocking moment and she feels emotional (sad, scared, guilt, etc.) and she feels broken down when she realizes everything she's down could crash and fall at any moment (hence the "brings me down to this line").

    So this is my sort of psychological analysis of this song. :) In shorter and more vague terms, I think "Home" overall is a song about taking chances and perhaps leaving your old life for something new, not really being sure of what's going to happen, but having a sort of instinctual feeling that everything's gonna turn out okay.
    Art3mison August 11, 2014   Link

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