A chimp is a chump is a monkey wrench 
Thrown into the works the cog’ll stretch
To pop you outta place like a dislocated hip
That’s just been ripped from your sockets tight grip
Kinda like your legs been bound by rope
And a horse keeps running till your joints explode
Oooo ahhh that would be painful
But it’s nothing compared to being shelved and labeled

Because of what we like
Because of what we eat
We’re not like you
Our opinions never meet
What else can I say?
We’re nothing a like
I’m not trying to change the world overnight..
Or even at all if I’m really being honest
No! I can’t I say that without sounding horrible
I can jump side to side like Jekyll and hyde
Not thinking things through like a parachute-less

A bear is a beer as a hare doesn’t care
When it comes to the speed of a tortoise in fear
For his lack of pace and clumsy shell
He could only win if the hare tripped and fell
Down to knees and broke his spine
On the sharp barbs of a porcupine
We know this didn’t happen the hare fell ill
Playing tricks on our friend climbing the hill

Because he wasn’t quick
Because he wasn’t fit
He’s not like you
Agile and ripped
What else can he do?
They’re nothing alike
This race could take up nearly all his life
After all this strife and evil lies
The tortoise just crosses the finish line
With his head held high and beaming with pride
The hare retires to the other side

And there he’ll stay forever
And there he’ll stay forever
cause he can’t go back
He’s pack his bags and even though he’s down and sad 
You know he took that chance
Just to crash  

What ya gonna say when you talk to me
I don’t wanna hear it cause I’ll disagree
You’ll stand dumb look upon your face
Every time I walk away you feel disgraced
I don’t wanna waste my time with you
Self loathing fool, drowning in booze
Just another monkey in this world of hate
To escape through a hatch is the only way

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