The stand will suffice, I suppose.
A tunnel painted on a brick wall.
When the crowd arives in droves,
they won't question the depth at all.

I got a weak heart, so I've heard.
I wouldn't know because it hasn't said a word.
All the winters, not a sound.
It probably never had a chance to thaw out.
You don't touch what you want to survive.
So this distance is keeping me alive
Until the ones that have loved me are dead,
I will hold my breath and pray that my aim is true.

The meat sits in my blind spot.
The maze around it is the meal I want.
The meat sits in my blind spot.
Hallelujah, got a trophy kill.

Maybe the flesh will have its day.
Maybe the meaning will not get in the way.
God saves every third person, (x3)
but he won't help us if we help ourselves.
I only marvel at existence in the language existence permits.
Most hearts make terrible sounds, so I laugh.
An army of images stalks the land in search of ideas.
I sm struck only when I think to step back.

So a stand in will suffice,I suppose
A tunnel painted on a brick wall
When the crowd arrives in droves,
they don't question the depth at all.

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    Song Meaning:Pure poetry. We strive so hard to attain illusion. But somehow it's amusing when you see it. I think it's actually about the lyricist enjoying being lost. Weak-hearted, without sincere compassion for shit he's supposed to care about. And all the while, knowing that he wants the chase, not the kill. Cause that's being lost. And we really don't get it. We try to hum along. But he knows. And he laughs.
    bmobascoon July 21, 2012   Link
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    General Comment:What does "God saves every third person" refer to?
    mcm1610on December 05, 2012   Link

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