It's unclear now what we intend.
We're alone in our own world.
You don't wanna be my boyfriend
and I don't wanna be your girl.
And that, that's a relief.
We'll drink up our grief
and pine for summer
and we'll buy beer to shotgun
and we'll lay in the lawn
and we'll be good.

Now I'm laughing at my boredom,
at my string of failed attempts,
because you think that it's important
and I welcome the sentiment.
And we talk on the phone at night
until it's daylight
and I feel clever
and I hear the slow in your speech.
Yeah, you're half asleep.
Say goodnight.

Now I've got friendships to mend.
I'm selfishly dispossessed.
You don't wanna be my boyfriend
and that's probably for the best
because that, that gets messy
and you will hurt me
or I'll disappear.
So we will drink beer all day
and our guards will give way
and we'll be good.

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    My InterpretationI don't think it's necessarily platonic. maybe there are slight feelings but they both don't want to act on them because it'll get "messy." which is what's sort of shitty about modern relationships - this big fear of labels and absolutes. and maybe it's positive, because these two characters are obviously very happy with what they're doing. but because she sings "you don't wanna be my boyfriend and I don't wanna be your girl" I'm guessing it's been brought up (or she's at least thinking about it), and feeling unsure. hell, she says "it's unclear now what we intend" in the first line.

    but the title means the most, I think. "our guards will give way and we'll be good" is a just sort of: okay, things are not well defined, doesn't really matter, we're just happy with this right now. or does it mean they're not currently good, and once they've given in to those creepy, intimate feelings, THEN they'll be good? either way, the simplicity of "be good" in line with the happy, quickly strumming guitar is enough to say that everything is at least All Right.
    plaaateon July 01, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's like two people that really love and care for each other, and the relationship is strictly platonic, and they enjoy it that way. Quintessential different sex friend that society makes you think you should be dating, but you know each other real well and just don't come on each other's radar.
    xwanoon March 17, 2013   Link

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