"Hit Me Like A Man" as written by Taylor Momsen, Kato Khandwala and Ben Phillips....

I am strong, love is evil
It's a version of perversion that is only for the lucky people
Take your time and do with me what you will
I won't mind, you know I'm ill, you know I'm ill

So hit me like a man and love me like a woman
Buried and sad, look me in the eyes, I want it
One will give you hell, one will give you heaven
Hit me like a man, love me like a woman
Love me like a woman

Love is strong, but I am evil
You are wrong, about me
Take your time, ah, play with me until
You can hear the children scream, like their stuck inside a dream
That you, ah, will

So hit me like a man, love me like a woman
Bury me alive, I can see it in your eyes, you want it
Some will give you pain, some will give you pleasure
Hit me like a man, love me like a woman
Love me like a woman

Don't you run away, run away from me, I will run away from you
Don't you run away, run away from me, I will run away from you

Hit me like a man, love me like a woman
From the devil deep inside, can't you see what I'm wanting?
Some will give you hell, some will give you heaven
So hit me like a man, love me like a woman
Love me like a woman
Love me like a woman
Love me like a woman, ow!

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"Hit Me Like a Man" as written by Kato Khandwala Ben Phillips

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    Song MeaningTaylor Momsen said in an interview with Perez Hilton that this song is about mixing pain and pleasure!
    wicked89on August 22, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationOk, so in the beginning, when she says: "love is evil, it's a version of perversion that is only for the lucky people." I think she's saying that a lot of times people fall in love with a bad person, or someone that just uses you. Or sometimes people confuse love with obsession, so it becomes perverted. And it is very rare to find true love, and maintain it. Also, I think this song has a sort of masochistic tone (probably obvious, idk) with her saying, "do with me what you will.." and "you know I'm ill..."
    When she starts singing, "Hit me like a Man, Love me Like a women." I don't think she necessarily means literally hit her (again, probably obvious)...it's more of a jab to men who hit their girlfriends or wives..That they're not really men for doing what they do. And that only women (in general) understand what true loving is. It could also mean she likes it rough...
    And in this song, she is not playing the victim. She's provoking any guy who is willing to hit her, and saying it will give them hell. But if they love her correctly, she will give them heaven.
    The part where she says "Don't you run away from me.." is also saying that guys who abuse women usually run away and don't take responsibility for what they have done. And instead, it should be the abused person that "runs away" or leaves the relationship.
    mizrandommon February 27, 2013   Link
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    General Commentthis is how i interpret the song:

    "hit me like a man"
    surprise me and keep an element of mystery in the relationship like a man.

    "love me like a woman"
    but be sensitive at times and touch me gently like a woman.

    "some will give you pain, some will give you pleasure" and "some will give you hell, some will give you heaven"
    sometimes she likes it rough and sometimes more slow and gentle. You usually get either or, but she wants both from one relationship.
    it could also mean that the relationship has its ups and downs.

    "it's a version of perversion that is only for the lucky people"
    I actually think this mean that you're lucky if you can understand the meaning of this song...oh, the irony.

    "don't you run away from me, i will run away from you"
    she will end the realtionship before he does. This possibly presents the idea of gender role reversal, that she will love him like a man and he will love her like a woman.
    lyricgenius31on May 26, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI interpret this song in two ways. I think it could be about an abusive relationship, or just metaphors to describe something else. 1: In an abusive relationship, men hit women as if they are men but then they turn around and tell them that they love them like they should do to a women. She's singing this like she's the women being abused, and she's saying she doesn't mind, and letting him do this to her because she's "ill" (wrong in the head or mental issues?) Perhaps she thinks she deserves it (hence the 'love is strong, I am evil.') She has to choose between two men that she likes. One will give her a happy life (heaven) the other will give her hell (a bad, abusive life.) I think the third verse that starts with "love is strong, I am evil" is her trying to convince the non-abusive man that she is evil and he's wrong about her to think she's a good person. The other interpretation is exactly what lyricgenius31 believed.
    PinkInkon July 18, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThe song is obviously about sex.It's about how she sometimes want her man to handle her roughly like a man and sometimes gently like a woman.
    Simple as that!
    josefineumuseron March 13, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's funny how much thought people are putting into this. I, personally, think it's pretty straightforward. She likes rough sex. The "I am evil" stuff, I think, is because a lot of people tend to frown upon violence in relationships, but some people actually do like it (in the bedroom, at least). And since she's one of those people (one of "the lucky people", if you will, hehe), she feels evil in society's eyes. "Hit me like a man, love me like a woman" means "I want you to be sweet, loving, and gentle...but, I'm not made of glass. So, don't treat me as a frail, fragile woman; hit me like a MAN."
    AsgardianMoonon July 27, 2014   Link
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    General Commentso i think she could mean that she enjoys rough oand/orhot and passionate and super firey but also sensual and gentle.the protganosit wants to be have se the liek a man,(a man having sex with a woman liek a man) but loving her like she is a woman
    gothichicaon September 24, 2013   Link

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