They saying really we ain't havin' it, nah.
I'm like, you don't know the half of it
and if you standing stupid waiting for an ovation,
well then bitch I might have to clap at ya, bam.

I hope that you could walk it off
it's really a shame you cant duck down a little faster
now you on your knees like you blowing to a master but,
this ain't slavery, nah,
you ain't shit to me, nah,
you ain't piss to me, uh uh,
you ain't spit to me, nah.
Your bitch, well she could suck a dick for me,
if I get it up
for that old dirty dirty
I give her no presents, money or concern

Go to 7-11 so she could have a cum slurpee,
straight line of drugs and money, honey there's no curving,
there's no swerving,
I'm so certain, it's so careless
but any lane who ain't with this shit,
it's so urgent,
but let me help you out I won't take it serious
the moment I spit this sick shit it make you furious
but stop,
let me take ya to a new dig
through the woods and clearing that's the place where you can find it
lyin' in this new spot,
someone scared as hell taped up
there's no masquerades,
how you make police a call
and how they track ya phone when it's lyin' there in pieces bro, ha
I'm laughing cuz I know I got a funny fact,
I wanna see your face once you realize that you ain't coming back (oh), I'm so much colder than snow caps (yes),
but if that global warming shit is real
I still don't go back (yeah),
and then the sound from that right hand
make you think of rubble's daughter's friend
that's bambam
and now let me get some final thoughts (nah)
fuck it i'll take you to the water trough (damn)

I'm no-goodnik, I'm so hood rich,
I so shouldn't, I so wouldn't
what the fuck is this
I really ( ) fuck is this.

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