Detsl- Hello, may I take my seat?
Class -You may
Teacher -Detsl, why are you late?
Detsl - I was helping an old lady cross the street
Class - *laughing*
Teacher - You were helping an old lady cross the street last time, think of something else
Detsl - Then I will tell you the truth

3 bricks on my chest slightly beat me down
hearing the shots of the gun my heart refused to beat
my body couldn't move
on my head in the temple
a blurry picture
but I breathe inspite of them
they beat me with their legs so that I couldn't stand
nevermind breathing I couldn't even moan
one of the sons of bitches stabbed my knee with a shoemaker's needle
Just for fun he wanted to see a ton of blood
I crawled like a snake studying their evil faces
Saw one bastard allowed himself to spit on me
Curling up in a ball losing my mind
I jumped ouf my head like a bullet observing myself
Memorising the intonation, structure and words
And with my last strength I came back into myself
And only the dirty laugh of these dirty fuckers
Imprinted in my memory
The start of the war
Without words
Without words
Without words

3 months later my head cooled down
I left the hospital spring had come
My friend helped me find the adresses
Studying it all from start to finish learning their names

Detsl - Dude, are you coming with me?
Dude - No, you are the chosen one
Dude - But I have something for you

I commenced my work even though my body still ached
A horrible revenge ruled me, boiled inside me
Just like that evening when those 4 thugs wanted to cripple me

One loved luxury vehicles
He accidentally got smushed by one in the garage
The second one was into heroine and lsd
The doctors diagnosed:
It was an overdose
The third one decided to jump with a parachute for the first time
It didn't open up - like in a cruel anecdote
The fourth one caught on and ran away From town for years
Became a missing person
I wasn't beating my chest, I just avenged
I simply reminded - fight one on one
And never spit in a broken face
Even if you outnumber four to one
Four to one
Four to one
Four to one

Teacher - your handbook
Teacher - I am going to write a note to summon your parents

Class - *screaming
Teacher - *roars
*the end*
*to be continued*

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Krov Moya Krov (Blood my Blood) song meanings
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