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Haltet alle Uhren an
hindert den Hund daran
das Rad anzubellen

Wo immer ich aufschlage find’ ich dich
Du fällst im Schatten der Tage
als Stille und Stich
Ich trink’ auf dich dutzende Flaschen Wein
und will doch viel lieber eine Made sein

Der Sarg fällt zusammen
die Blumen fallen in die Wangen
Zuerst weiß, dann blau, dann grau, dann grün
dann Schaum, dann braun und Laub und Staub

Bitte schlag dich aus meinem Kopf, meinem Haus
wie sonst halte ich den Graus aus?
Mit welchem Herz, mit welchem Körper


Wo immer ich aufschlage find’ ich dich
Du fällst im Schatten der Tage
als Stille und Stich
Ich wart’ auf dich, wann kommst du wieder heim?
Ich wollt’ noch nie lieber eine Made sein
Eine Made sein
Eine Made sein
Eine Made sein
Eine Mama

Lass mich rein, rein, beinhart wie du sein
lass mich in dein Aug’ hinein
Ich will es seh’n, die Prüfung besteh’n
ohne Pein, ohne Pein
lass mich rein, du Stein
Mir hilft kein Warten und kein Wein
kein Schreien

Um alles in der Welt, das dich am Leben hält
zerschlag’ ich auch mein Himmelszelt
auf dass es unter dir zusammenfällt
und du dich neigst
und du dich endlich wieder zeigst

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    General CommentI noticed similarities to lines from poems called "Kindertodtenlieder" by Friedrich Rückert (1788-1866).
    'Kindertotenlieder' means 'Songs on the Death of Children' or 'Children's songs about Death'. They are famous because Gustav Mahler selected five of them and set them as songs in 1903.

    1) extract of the poem "Du bist mein Schatten am Tage"
    "Wo ich mein Zelt aufschlage,
    Da wohnst du bei mir dicht;
    Du bist mein Schatten am Tage
    Und in der Nacht mein Licht."
    "Wherever i pitch my tent
    you are living close to me
    you are my shadow in the daytime
    and my light at night"
    i think there are similarities regarding the rhyme-structure, the content, the words used in the lines and the rhythm of the spoken words - to the verse "Wo immer ich aufschlage..." (2nd verse).

    2) extract of the poem "Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen"
    "Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen,
    bald werden sie wieder nach Hause gelangen."
    "often i think, they just went out (for a walk)
    soon they will be at home again"
    it remembers me to the line "wann kommst du wieder heim" (when will you return home again)
    olduvaion November 26, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. So raw, open, heartfelt... Really gritty lyrics, so many conflicting feelings, the description of the process of a body's decay...
    I have an elementary understanding of German grammar and basic vocabulary, so armed with that and online dictionaries, I've conjured the following translation. Know that its accuracy is unreliable at best!

    All the clocks stop
    and the dog there stops
    barking at its bicycle

    Whenever I open up, I find you
    You fall into the shadow of day
    as silence and stitches

    I toast dozens of wine bottles to you
    and would much rather be a maggot
    The coffin collapses,
    the flowers fall into the cheeks

    First white, then blue, then grey, then green
    then foam, then brown and leaves and dust
    Please blow out of my head, out of my house
    How else can I think of the horror?
    With what heart, with what body out?


    Whenever I open up, I find you
    You fall into the shadows of day
    as silence and stitches
    I’m waiting for you, when are you coming
    back home?
    I would never wish to be a maggot
    to be a maggot

    Let me in, in, to be bone-hard as you are
    let me into your eyes
    I want to see it, to pass the test
    without agony, without agony
    let me in, you stone

    Of all the things in the world that you hold in love
    I smash [them] and [even] my own sky
    so that it may collapse under you
    and you fall over (really not sure if I got this right)
    and you endlessly reappear.
    ambulatorterraeon February 13, 2012   Link
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    General CommentHey there, I am also from Germany and understood a few words differently:

    First of all I think that by Rad she does mean bicycle... If it referred to a wagon's wheel, the dog would bark at the wagon and not an individual wheel, I guess... Anyway, to me clocks ticking and a dog barking at a bicycle are typical background noises of everyday life. I think when someone you love has died, your life stops in a way, at least for a while, so you might want these sounds to stop because they reflect that life outside your head is progressing as normally as ever.

    Wo immer ich aufschlage find' ich dich:
    I always understood "aufschlagen" as to crash or fall down, as in "Das Flugzeug schlug auf dem Boden auf und wurde zerstört." (The plane crashed onto the ground and was destroyed.) Opening a photo album does make a lot of sense though, probably more than my interpretation. I always imagined that you felt as if you had lost touch with the ground, were floating through life and wherever you hit the ground and came back to reality, something reminded you of him again.

    Du fällst im Schatten der Tage als Stille und Stich:
    I think in this context Stich means stab or sting, the pain you feel when you are reminded of losing him. So I would say: In the shadow of the days you fall as silence and a sting. To me "the shadow of the days" expresses the somber feeling that lingers after the days surrounding his death, the funeral etc. In this atmosphere his memory descends like a veil of silence and pain. Or the shadow might refer to the days having two sides, a regular light everyday-life one that everybody sees, and a second dark shadowed side that only a bereaved person experiences, in which his loss brings silence and pain.

    Bitte schlag dich aus meinem Kopf:
    As you said, it basically means please get out of my head. Normally this expression is used as in "Schlag es dir aus dem Kopf!" (schlagen literally means to beat), which means "stop thinking about it". You might say this to someone who keeps thinking or talking about a hopeless idea or plan. So usually, you can only 'schlag' something out of your own head. Saying "Bitte schlag dich aus meinem Kopf" therefore has so much more meaning because it implies that you do not feel in control of your own thoughts. I hope this was somewhat understandable, I just felt the need to comment on how beautifully Anja put this.

    Lass mich rein, rein, beinhart wie du sein:
    "Lass mich rein" means let me in, but "Lass mich rein sein" means let me be pure. So you might also translate the line as "Let me in, let me be pure, bone-hard as you."

    I am at a loss for words to describe how wonderful and touching this song is. Three days ago I saw Soap&Skin in Cologne and it was the most beautiful, emotional and intense concert I ever experienced. Anja seemed like such a sweet humble person and I am grateful that she shares her feelings and her incredibly beautiful honest music.
    maybenotwithwordson June 27, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthere are not only hints to the "kindertotenlieder" but also to the poem "funeral blues" by w.h.auden which starts similarly to "vater":

    "Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
    Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
    Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
    Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

    the poem can be seen here…, it has even been sung:….
    humuon October 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentAnja's father died while riding a bicycle so I think she means bicycle wheel when she sings "Rad". I watched a concert where she explained this was for her father.
    Inueon June 09, 2014   Link

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