"Irresistible Force (Met the Immovable Object)" as written by Perry Farrell, David Michael Navarro, Stephen Andrew Perkins and David Andrew Sitek....
We didn't know that it would blow up
With such might
The stars are even brighter
Contrasted by the night

Sent out the shock waves
Filled up the outer space
Even the ghost came
To the late, late, late show
Watch us play

Ooh, everything went tossing
Everyone was talking
Making up their faces
Wonder what we look like naked?

Ah, the irresistible force
Met the immovable object, oh
Ah, the irresistible force
Met the immovable object

Banging and banging
And banging and banging
And banging together

We've become a big business
Oh, a galaxy merger
The two of us a big bang
Yeah, God is a real man
God is a dad, God is a dad

Ah, the irresistible force
Met the immovable object, oh
Ah, the irresistible force
Met the immovable object

Banging and banging
And banging and banging
And banging together

Ah, the irresistible force
Met the immovable object, oh
Some may call me a lucky shot
No, no, no, but it was not

Banging and banging
And banging and banging
And banging
Banging and banging
And banging and banging
And banging together

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"Irresistible Force" as written by David Michael Navarro Perry Farrell

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Irresistible Force (Met the Immovable Object) song meanings
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    My InterpretationI think this song uses the Big Bang metaphor to describe the band's unexpected popularity and fame. When they say "We didn't know that it would blow up / With such might" it might mean that the band had no idea that they would eventually become a "big business." They were playing for the love of it and suddenly everyone was showing up to the "late, late, late show / [to] watch us play."

    The banging might refer to the music that the band makes--banging on their instruments. And when he says "Some may call me a lucky shot / No, but it was not" I think he is offended that people consider the band's success to be purely luck, since that diminishes the talent of the musicians.
    jagodaon September 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a secret society of some sort. They are throughout regular society and have some kind of an agenda. Whether it's political or security related, I'm not sure. It may be another focal reason all together. One thing is for sure though: they are very interested in business plans and ideas.

    That entity would be the "we" in this song.

    I reckon The Ghost to be a name for God, but I may be wrong. However, God certainly is an important entity to this story, as it was when it actually happened.

    What we look like naked is an idea that many people never really consider, however this group found out quickly, that each of them is not the only one who has a private life they'd rather not have broadcast, when one who they kept an eye on refused to behave they way they'd been accustomed to in public. You see, this man, a very real man, was under very sharp scrutiny and surveillance. And even to some degree knowing of that surveillance, by that group. He still has no idea, for certain, of why.

    Anyway, the man figured the group to be government related. "The Ghost" may actually be The President of the United States. And in thinking this much, he decided, foolishly, to trust that the result of his 'investigation' would end soon. But it still has not. So, trusting that the U.S. govt was ultimately virtuous, the man passed along some plans and ideas he'd and about some innovations and inventions that might benefit humanity at large. While all this went on, and continues to go on, that man continued to be stalked. to the point that he has been chased into mental hospitals, out of his home, and homeless and on and on the horror goes for that man, with no end or relief to look forward to but some kind of government cover up or his own assassination,possible. And this is all very very plausible. Not a matter of sheer delusion, although mental health corruption has told him as much to keep the cover up going.


    the immovable object would be the man in question's reluctance to join that organization. you see, he'd been offered that possibility several times, but refused based on principle of not wanting to be a member of an exclusive organization that causes very subtle but very real damage to security in the normally understood society of the USA and other affected nations.

    the galaxy merger: possibly a reference to a kind of potential postulated by the man in question that may allow travel to the far reaches of the universe. quite real in it's possibilty.

    The reference to God as being a dad: this man, is humbled by the implications of that line, as he is a true believer. However, he supposes that the line is in reference to his repeated recollection of being without his own children and as such both not interested in a legacy for the sake of his own bloodline, nor interested in becoming a member of what he perceives as a group that is potentially quite damaging to society. In fact, he knows that they are, as this problem has shown many a flawed result over the past four years..... blah blah blah "I don't have kids," he says, to illustrate that he has no personal interest other than as an humanitarian...

    The irresistible force... money, i figure. Maybe not. But I'm relatively certain.

    Oh, all the bangin and bangin and bangin.. the surveillance catches this man, a person of bisexual history, with some relative frequency, having sex, sometimes with groups or in successions. The man, to many people's opinion, is quite the whore, as it were. He doesn't let that bother him though, the opinion of so many, he knows that he is not the only one. In fact, He knows that some of them, in that group, are just like him, in their .... private lives. He knows, because he KNOWS some of them.

    Some may call me a lucky shot... but it was not: see, the ideas this guy lays out are kind of technical at times. the kind of stuff that you'd have to have some kind of background in science to come up with. and even some kind of background in business at times..... BIG ideas. The kind of ideas that, if you knew this man in person, you'd be like, " that jackass came up with that?'"

    Well, back to the God concept. The man figures that he knows he's not exactly perfect, but he's very honest. Honest to a fault, in fact.. He does this as a method he'd learned in Alcoholic Anonymous and figures it's how he keeps his spiritual connection open with God. And he credits God with all the big ideas that will work. . Honesty is also a very important trait in science. he learned that from his father.

    So, who is this man?

    The story, I figure, is about Me. Christopher R. Hecker. I'm Honored Mr. Ferrel. I've been a fan of Jane's Addiction since the early 90's, as you know. I do hope the plans and ideas work out for the benefit of the people who I've been passing them along on the half of. The pale and down-trodden, as it were.

    God is real, man.
    Thanks Jane's Addiction Members ... Dave, Stephen, Duff, Perry... Thanks
    vGAME11on September 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI really love Jane's addiction and this song is really beautiful. The following are just my thoughts on what the song means...could be wrong, could be right but it's just what it says to me.

    First verse I believe is speaking about making a choice. A choice with less than desirable consequences but nonetheless you made the decision. And for whatever reason, that choice led for things to be seem overwhelmingly negative/dark. The line "the stars are even brighter contrasted by the night." .... I think this means that something that is already beautiful seems even more so when paired against something so negative. In other words, you maybe took something for granted and now you are taken by how wonderful it seems.

    I think the second verse talks about how this decision be it war, possibly, went onto to consume much more than itself. Even those who maybe weren't connected to it were brought down by the darkness it created.

    Saying "watch us play" at that point indicates that even though their hearts weren't in it anymore, it had become a game that neither side could get out of. Saying "making up faces...what we look like naked," is talking not really being true to yourself. Goind along with the world, society, possibly violent choices but we're not really being ourselves or what we're meant to be. We're wearing masks.

    I think the chorus is in reference to conflict, stubborness, excuses. Basically no matter what there is no solution. But there will always be fighting, always war, always negativity, always darkness. Never peace.

    I think ultimately the song is about war or conflict (possibly even in a metaphorical sense, for example, the war between to beliefs or people, or real war). I think the message is that "war" is usually fought for some type of gain, not necessarily freedom. Or in a metaphorical sense, a war is fought for dominance or power. I think it sends the message that there are those who would change the world and keep it their own and all that is innocent would be caught up in it. That we are not allowed to hold beliefs and that there are those who would explain our beliefs for us.

    I don't know. Just my thoughts..........
    mamjedon September 27, 2011   Link
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    General Commentoh yeah, I could be wrong too. I may just be egomaniacle and crazy. ;-)
    vGAME11on September 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentGREAT song filled with energy. Sometimes those who initiate the game end up losing it. Then those who initially lost earn vindication. Don't care for games, but this song is good.
    FatBottomedGurlon September 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThere have been many songs written about this saga of ... security, i figure. But I'm not sure. Probably my favorites are by Mumford and Sons, in that song the lyricist wrote "but you say that's how this grace thing works." I'm committed to that notion. The idea that nobody is left without a chance for redemption. Nobody.It's a beautiful song.

    The other song that really makes me laugh every time I hear it is by a band called 5 finger death punch. Even the name of that band is reminicent of a surveillance episode in which 'they' (whoever they are) caught me karate chopping mosquitos and doing the crazy chop-saki "you killed my brother, now I'll kill you," complete with discordant mouth motions. ... the song is quite over the top and egomaniacal. Hysterical, really. I have to admit that my indignance may sometimes come off as egomania, but it's not really.

    What I've been going through really is a testament to the dignity of the human individual. There's some really scarey stuff happening in the world now. Underqualified security personelle is probably the most scarey. The wikileaks segment is a testament to that and just yesterday there was a report of several anti-aircraft weapons having gone missin. The trouble, it seems, is that 'the bar' (if you will) of who is acceptable as security personelle is being lowered significantly, and the effects of that laxity reach far beyond the imaginable consequences.

    I'm satisfied with my decision to not join "them." I was offered that option several times and I refused on the grounds of knowing my limitations and my talents. I'm satisfied with my decision to emplore that network to recourse. I hope that we can return to the virtue that has made this nation great: United we stand. Divided we fall.

    Unfortunatly, I think it's too late to return to the United States of America as it was built over the past 500 years and lost over the past ten. I know that my life is irrevokably damaged. And I fear that the same is true of this great nation.

    President Obama,
    You should bone up and tell the truth to the people of this country and resign if necessary. You've presided over the betrayal of this nation in a way that will forever be regarded as the most tragic of losses to the American way of life.
    vGAME11on September 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentOh yeah, I almost forgot.... The Ghost

    I think the Ghost may be a very very fine blonde haired and blue eyed white woman who's got incredible calfs (although I'm sure I could outrun her - the trail's made my legs really strong).

    I suppose that her name may be Erin Schlabach, if I recall correctly, but I'm not sure of any of this.

    One thing I think may fill in some of this puzzel is that she's appeared in music videos. One - by the band Jet - She rides in on a sport bike at the end and takes off her helmet and shakes her hair out.

    She'll take it in the rear from a gay man if the money's good enough. She's said so herself.

    vGAME11on September 29, 2011   Link
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    General Commentbmx bike - no - not blonde - bad memory - youtube.com/…

    oh well, I guess I'll never figure the whole thing out. No big deal, really. I don't think I want to know, actually. Deciet.... not my area of interest.

    There are clues all over the place, actually. Though, I still can't figure out what really happened. And I won't.

    vGAME11on September 29, 2011   Link
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    General Comment"the irresistible force met the immovable object"

    seems to me that the life is being created, a child being born, sth comes to existence :)
    artystkaon February 06, 2012   Link

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