"The Ultimate Fling [Director's Cut]" as written by Marko Saaresto, Olli Tukiainen and Markus Kaarlonen....
Today is in the air
Again today another incident that just went off
No way this time I will not take the blame
It's pretty obvious who need to shut up
Ashtrays filled with the fruits of our transgression
Here and there sarcasm overflows
To stay I'll need this sitcom to be re-run till I get the gist of just how it goes

So what would you have me do?

Give me a reason c'mon now make my day'cause I'm out of cheeks to turn the other way
Ask yourself just how lucky do you feel.

Somehow I've been blindsided by my own kindhearted notion of just who we are
No doubt we'd have collided anyway with the indicted and you raising alarm
First round I'll take my bows into my corner take my vows regroup and run back again
Bloodhound and off no better pedigree than what you see so you could not offend
Did I act like a fool 'cause I didn't know what to do when you gave me just a little bit more than I bargained for a little too much in my hands when my hands are tied

It's the ultimate fling to go frolicking licking the muck from the soles of the boots of your pride every time you lied

Give me a reason c'mon now make my day'cause I'm out of cheeks to turn the other way
Ask yourself just how lucky do you feel

Gime me a reason c'mon now make my day
Spoken my pleas now someone's gotta pay ask yourself just how lucky do you feel

can you give me a reason movin into grey something I can hold on to at the end of the day
'cause I can't move on till I now what's the deal

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"The Ultimate Fling" as written by Markus Kaarlonen Marko Saaresto

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The Ultimate Fling [Director's Cut] song meanings
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    General CommentThis is such an awesome song that I think I'd add a thematic interpretation of implied themes in the song.

    0-10 (seconds): A music box playing a dreamy tune.
    0.10: cue aggressive guitars and vocal "oomph". One gets the impression the narrator is jolted from a dream.
    1:23: "Out of cheeks to turn the other way" is a prevision of the Christian doctrine of non-violence.
    1:30: "Ask yourself just how lucky do you feel" reminds me strongly of the scene from classic movie "Dirty Harry" in which the protagonist cop towers over a fallen and unarmed villain like a hunter gloating over wounding an animal. In an ethically questionable act, Harry shoots the villain after baiting the villain into gambling that Harry's gun is out of bullets. The scene contains the famous film phrase "You feeling lucky? Well do ya', punk?" just before shooting the villain. Alternately, I think that the narrator is referring to himself with the term "You" in this song. The narrator is indecisive about whether or not he is in love or simply the victim. A central question in the verbal component is that he needs to know what he's getting out of the relationship before he can decide to stay or go.
    1:58: "Me indited and you raising alarm" is a reference to the unethical propensity for blaming the victim of abuse. Alternately, it can refer to the desire displace blame from oneself using persuasive (lawyer-ish) arguments.
    2:05: bell rings. Lyrics describe a fight. Obvious reference to the sport of boxing. Note that boxing is a sport with rules whereas in the more violent act of street fighting anything is permissible.
    2:30: note the dream sequence replays as the narrator discusses what he's getting form the relationship. This make it clear that the narrator finds his situation simultaneously bitter/sweet. Lyrical indications are that this is an S
    asortofdreamon July 11, 2012   Link

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