Sheek Louch - Get it poppin' Prod. by The Futuristiks & Team Ready....
{Verse 1}
You know me as the motherfuckin' "Love me",
I could back like rugby,
I could see the game is gettin' ugly.
I want that she out of it,
I'ma make you proud of it,
She here to separate the real from the counterfeit.
Look at how I got 'em up,
DJ! Put my record back! [PUT BACK!]
Know you's an autotune because I'm not to used to that.
Spit wit' the steady flow,
Years I had steady though,
Whether it came from rap or fuckin' wit' the petty ho'.
Blaze that, I could leave a space wit' your face at.
Now just want a pussy, ma?
I ain't try to chase that.
Done being incredible,
All yellers had a ball,
Fuckin' up the game practice, you ...

{Hook - 2x}
Motherfucka we run shit, run quick!
Go get your gun, quick!
We get it poppin' ova here!
Y'ain't poppin' ova there!
My niggas get it poppin' right here!

{Verse 2}
Let's Go!
Back in the street again, beat again,
Niggas on my minigun,
Pose bitches want me to beat again.
Nigga want to clear the V-I-P out,
Niggas know what we 'bout,
Piss out before I pull the peace out.
Now what?
Hit 'em here know we got his face cut,
Nigga think he swayin' till we licking and we taste blood.
I fuck the club up, we live to rug up,
Patrol and five or ten hoes just to rub up!
Whip southside, ... boy, [It's me, baby!]
Bitches surround my car,
Cameras out, I'm so superstar! [That's me, baby!]
/?Keep?/ it close to me,
Who you supposed to be?
It's a reverb for blues, /?say ho it's done we G?/

{Hook - 2x}

{Verse 3}
Somebody pull them shakers out,
See what they /?think?/ about,
Hey, crack, make a nigga go and get the paper out!
He know, hope you wanna flow when they hit blow,
My niggas aiming at the crowd, at innocent people,
D-Block, niggas wit' an attitude in pack, [Yes, Us!]
White tea, money green and M-I-B jet black [No doubt!]
Kush got me feelin' light-headed,
Two things we don't do - money & bitches - we don't sweat it!
[Keep that kush, man!]
I told y'all to motherfuckin' man to be back here, [Sheek Louch!]
It's your time to re-up on songs from last year,
Now I'm back smoothin' in your grandma cashmere,
If this ain't my year, I ain't pre-pare.

{Hook - 2x}

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