"¡Viva la Gloria!" as written by and Billie Joe/wright Iii Armstrong....
Hey Gloria, are you standing close to the edge?
Look out at the setting sun
Brink of your vision
Eternal youth
Is the landscape of a lie

The cracks of my skin can prove
As the years will testify
Say your prayers and light a fire
We're going to start a war
Your slogans a gun for hire
It's what we waited for

Hey Gloria

This is why we're on the edge
The fight of our lives been drawn to
This undying love

Gloria, viva la Gloria
You blast your name
In graffiti on the walls
Falling in broken glass and
Slashing through these spirits
I can hear it like a jilted crowd

Gloria, where are you Gloria?
You found a home
In all your scars and ammunition
You made your bed in salad days
Amongst the ruins
Ashes to ashes of our youth

She smashed her knuckles into winter
As autumns wind fades into black
She is the saint of all the sinners
The one that's fallen through the cracks
So don't put away, your burning light

Gloria, where are you are Gloria
Don't lose your faith
To you lost naivety
Weather the storm and don't look
Back on last November
When your banners were burning down

Gloria, viva la Gloria
Send me your amnesty down
To the broken hearted
Bring us the season
That we always will remember
Don't let the bonfires go out

So Gloria,
Send out your message of
The light that shadows in the night.
Gloria, where's your undying love?
Tell me the story of your life, your life!

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"¡Viva la Gloria!" as written by Frank E. Billie Joe Armstrong

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¡Viva la Gloria! song meanings
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    General CommentA eulogy to American patriotism and the introduction to Gloria's idealistic character?
    jmoreno86on May 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song sounds great. The piano is great, and once the band starts playing, the song almost sounds like the end of She's A Rebel.
    BBassiston May 09, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti find it more like "letterbomb", great song
    libertineboyon May 16, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis is by far my favorite song on the album, which is AMAZING btw

    just one correction i have to make:
    "Eternal youth
    is the landscape of life"
    should be:
    "Eternal youth
    is the landscape of the lie"
    zer00rdieon May 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDo you know what would be absolutely amazing, i picture this. Green day performs this song live and it starts off with Billie playing piano and singing with his guitar behind him on his back and then after those last few notes, he gets up, walks to the microphone, and then continues to rock out haha. How great would that be?.
    dude_ranchon May 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love the end of this song.
    Grasslunaticon May 20, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningWow, this album is starting to make a little more sense to me as I study the lyrics. First of all, take in "21st Century Breakdown" (the song) as Christian's introduction. He's a young man growing up and is becoming rapidly disturbed by the cons posing as heroes, American authority (government, wall street, etc.) misguiding the hardworking citizens, and how fucked up his parents generation is (raising their kids on video games, being bad role models, not really giving a shit about them). He's sad that his generation will probably end up like their parents if they don't change the leadership. So in "Know Your Enemy" he travels and is constantly stirring the youth, preaching his way to the masses (which is why the song is so repetitive, particularly with the word "Enemy"). He really thinks a violent bloodshed of a revolution is the only way to fix the corruption happening around him.

    This is a much tougher song to interprete. I'll take a stab at it. "Viva la Gloria" is when Christian meets the one girl who is unlike the rest - a beautiful, religious young woman named Gloria. Christian (note the name) falls in love with Gloria for her ideals and her unwavering faith, which is pure and not corrupt, while he's still trying to push the revolution that he is begging for in "Know Your Enemy". He's saying that the youth of the country are the future and to join him in this battle because her strong will (and faith perhaps?) would make good use in the fight.

    Basically, the second half of the song (when the rock starts up/piano ends) is when Gloria decides to join Christian - once Christian mentiones their "undying love". And Gloria begins to lose her innocence, slowly but surely, to Christian's dismay. She sprays grafitti now, her carefree spirit is crushed, she's scarred and carrying guns, burying her youthful innoncence. She's a sinner, sure, but she's still the best one of them all, the most morally guided amongst the twisted youth. Christian is distraught over Gloria's change. I think the last bit (particularly "where is your undying love? tell me the story of your life") is about the religion (God) that she lost over time...brilliant line because Christian used it on her before in this song, but he realizes that her real undying love that made her so special was God, not him, and she is losing (or has completely lost) her connection with religion. He's interested in knowing her past and asks her about "the story of her life" to conclude the song.
    bostonceltzon May 21, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaningich hab mich da mal dran gesetzt und das lied übersetzt (so gut ich konnte...) und wollte wissen, was ihr denn davon haltet, manchmal ergibt das irgendwie wenig sinn für mich...

    Hey Gloria
    stehst du nahe am Abgrund?
    Mit Aussicht auf die untergehende Sonne
    Der Rand deiner Vision
    der ewigen Jugend
    ist die Landschaft der Lüge

    Die Risse meiner Haut können beweisen
    was die Jahre aussagen werden
    Sag deine Gebete auf und zünde ein Feuer an
    Wir werden einen Krieg anfangen
    Dein Schlachtruf ist einen Killer zu mieten
    Darauf haben wir gewartet

    Deshalb standen wir an der Kante zum Abgrund
    Der Kampf unserer Leben wurde
    zu dieser unsterblichen Liebe hingezogen

    Gloria, es lebe Gloria

    Du sprayst deinen Namen
    in Graffiti an die Wände
    Fällst durch zerbrochenes Glas, das
    durch deine Seele schneidet
    Ich kann es hören wie eine sitzen gelassene Menge

    Gloria, wo bist du Gloria
    du fandest ein zuhause
    in all deinen Narben und deiner Munition
    du machtest dein Bett in Jugendtagen
    Inmitten den Ruinen
    Asche zu Asche unserer Jugend

    Sie zertrümmerte ihre Handgelenke im Winter
    während Herbstwinde ins ungewisse verschwinden
    sie ist die Heilige aller Sünder
    die eine, die durch die Risse fiel
    also steck dein leuchtendes Licht nicht weg

    Gloria, wo bist du Gloria

    Verliere dein Vertrauen nicht
    neben deiner verlorenen Naivität
    Ãœberstehe den Sturm und schau nicht
    auf letzten November zurück
    als deine Banner nieder brannten

    Gloria, es lebe Gloria
    Schicke uns deine Begnadigung herunter,
    denen mit gebrochenen Herzen
    bringe uns die Zeit
    an die wir uns immer erinnern werden
    lass die Freudenfeuer nicht erlöschen

    Deshalb, Gloria,
    schicke deine Nachricht des Lichtes
    in die Schatten der Nacht
    Gloria, wo ist deine unsterbliche Liebe?
    Erzähle mir die Geschichte deines Lebens.
    vivalarevon May 24, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"Don't lose your faith
    To your lost naivete
    Weather the storm and don't look
    Back on last November
    When your banners were burning down"

    "Last November" HAS to be a reference to Bush's victory in 2004, which was the lowest point in the last 30 years of American history, and certainly of Gloria's life. Understandably, that would cause her to lose her faith in the American populous, as her banners of hope were burned to the ground.

    But despite this alienation, the song asks Gloria to buck up, to "weather the storm" and realize that in the wake of Bush's disaster, there's still a country that's worth cleaning up. Let go of the nightmare of the last 4 years and look forward on making sure we get it right this time.

    Really, and incredible section, and it gets lost in the music too easily.
    JohnnyCwtbon May 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI'm seeing it as a manipulation of Gloria. He meets her and uses their 'undying love' to recruit her. She actually loves him, and I would think that he loves her to, but he needs her stability and her ability to cope with the world that he can't to keep him focused on his goal. Great song.
    Hero of the Dayon June 05, 2009   Link

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