"Watch What You Say to Me [Feat. Jay-Z]" as written by Clifford Harris, Shawn Carter, Stephen Holdren, Bao Quoc Pham and Kevin Cates....
Watch what you say to me
You better watch what you say to me
Watch what you say to me
You say, I spray

Watch what you say to me
You see me and you know I'm tooled up
You don't want me to cut the full grip
Watch what you say to me
Find out you talkin' tough in your song
When you see me you know what's up boy it's on
Nigga what you say to me
See I ain't been a fuck nigga never
I'm just warnin' all you sucker niggas
Better watch what you say to me
'Cause I'm known to make a mountain outta molehill
You don't want to get your folk killed
Well watch what you say to me

Got a tool in my pocket and the club just rock (rock)
Watchin' these niggas while your girlfriend jockin' (jockin')
They better let it go because niggas already know
That I got that thing wit me and it ain't just to let it go
Tell ya mama bet it go tell I hit niggas say yo
They ain't nobody, fuck 'em I'm thinkin' I'm finally bust 'em (wait)
Look up and see police is lookin' at me
I tell C he tell Doug they tell KT
We proceed to surround 'em and call him squirrel meat
Pick the perfect spot to make sure that the girls see
What you walkin' off do the drinkin' say what?
What you think then call and see nothin' but bottle
Remy Martin to the noggin' better bust it wide open
Ya bitch standin' here hollerin' while you lyin' in on the floor (shit)
Why you feelin' sorry for him he asked for it
Listen y'all here come the moral of the story


Rap music is sudden ain't it the way these pictures is painted
You swear these niggas is dangerous the gangsta shit they sayin'
Lock 'em up in the booth with a half a ounce of that cannabis
Sittin' back and watch the outlandish shit they betrayin' (but)
Soon as you see em they freeze up like in museums
Them statues you like is that the dude who said he was gonna pop
Niggas get runnin' before you finish your sentence
And then they back to riffin' when they off in a safe distance
You like you was just here you disappeared like magicians in thin air
I'm like damn nigga at least keep it consistent
I hear you debatin' me lately, I've been doin' my best to stay hater-free
Still watch what you say to me
Sooner or later I'll take you up on your offer
And put you all in your place like I'm replacing your father
You talkin' to the author, the architect of the blueprint
My DNA in your music mothafucker are you stupid?


'Cause I ain't never been a sucka been gangsta my whole life
So a nigga disrespect me and it's on on sight
I hear what you say in your songs some of it I don't like
Heat it up I feel tried I see you we gon' fight
Be a man say my name if you talkin' to me
You never said well I figured you ain't talkin' to me
Find out you is at the awards well I'll call you out in the street
I swear I'll beat your fuckin' ass like it ought to be beat!
See all that whisperin' is lame I ain't one for the game
If I say fuck you nigga fuck you simple and plain
I say no problem it no problem pimp you do the same
You can just swallow your pride 'cause you know I'm off the chain
Try to refrain from bein' violent but you come out your face
I got my lawyer paid up ready to catch me a case
When I feel you disrespected me I'm a get me a case
But all this shit can be avoided one on one


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"Watch What You Say to Me" as written by Clifford Harris Bao Quoc Pham


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Watch What You Say to Me (feat. Jay-Z) song meanings
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