"They Don't Wanna Play" as written by Shawn Mims, Winston Thomas, Danny Schofield, Thomas Simons, Bun B, and Seed,....
They talkin' big, baby
They, they talkin' big, baby
They talkin' big, baby
They, they talkin' big, baby

They don't wanna play
They don't wanna play
They don't, they don't, they don't wanna play
They don't wanna play; they talkin' big, baby
They don't wanna play
They don't wanna play
They don't wanna
You can get the fuck up out of trill nigga's way

Say you a killa-killa
Say you 'bout that skrilla-skrilla
Watch out when them bullets spray
Just might get fill up, fill up
Mr. Potato Head
You gon' make me kill this nigga
You claimin' yo' flow is sick?
Yeah, well mine is illa-illa
Catch me in that dirty-dirty
Feed up in that villa-villa
So live I'm the '05 Thriller in Manila
Come through with the triple village
Straight from the bottom to the top of the buildin'
Nigga, I'm about my bread!
My flow is yo' ceilin'-ceilin'
Nigga, pop off
Finna get popped, my word is bond
Wanna shoot the head up
Meet me in the ring, let's go; it's on
Ain't afraid what you niggas got to offer
Got killers in the MIT that'll off ya
Y'all niggas ain't on the same level
Pull up, pull off in the Vocsha
One day in my life, it'll cost ya
Look away, look back, I lost ya
I ain't a killa, man
But I will, that's word on my son and my unborn daughter
You meet me by the creek, by the crawler
I'm the on sippin' weight, crush the balla
You niggas is hustlin' backwards
(They talkin' big, baby)


I tried to told 'em not to act up
But he didn't listen
Now his colla bone and rib cage
Out of position
I'm a big dude
Trapped in a lil' nigga, body nigga
I don't know karate, but I'll body ya whole party
He ain't see shit, all he seen is a shotty
Next he seen Jesus
Pick up the putisis
I'm the shit matter of fact in shesiest
Don't make me show you what a beast is
Nigga, get on ya grind, stoop ya
Slackin' on ya day to day
You know what time it is, and I ain't Flava-Flav
But I'm a New York nigga, spittin' razor blades
I'll leave you hurt like you label paid
You was tough last week, but you soundin' real gay today
So get the fuck up out of trill nigga's way
Man, I will lean you like a kick stand
Rock you like a wristband
Cut you, then I switch hands
(They, they talkin' big, baby)


Now, all you pussy niggas
Fuck boys, snitches, and hos
Make way for the trill slammin' Cadillac doughs
Represent for pop trunkers
Wit' the trues and the voes
Chunkin' deuces out the roof, fuckin' up the side shows
From the pros to beginners
L-7's to the winners
Southern course steakas
To the chicken dinnas
And grind all the binnas
And need to get it out
Find a tight trap
And then I said it out
Bet ya 'bout them dolla
On the best 'cause I'm back
I'm the true and certified who resided pimpin' back
Fat Joe is good coke and the crack in the flesh
Young Jeezy the snow man
But I pack is the best
So when you see the eight and the A
Put the hatin' away
Joey is back, and we been waitin' to play
Trigga finga waitin' to spray
Leavin' ya punctured
And you won't wanna see any trill niggas at a conjunction
(They talkin' big, baby)


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"They Don't Wanna Play" as written by Winston Thomas Shawn Mims

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