"Chains" as written by Bob Marlette and Sue Shifrin....
Come test me like a bomb straight from murder
How comes I got cyclops fish in my water, A
Nation of Pacific lambs to the slaughter three
Eyes for my son and an extra foot for my daughter,
Gifts from a land that I don't even know I was
To slow to see that s-car-go you say I'm all
Blow no cash exchange I didn't lie there's a
Picture of me in the dictionary under "French
Fry", no racism I'm out for who's in charge, I'd
Like to lay a fat cable, in their backyard to
Far they've gone now I'm radioactive strong I
Just walk past the switch and all the lights
Turn on,no "last dragon" just left my bones
Exposed didn't reach no final level yet my body
Still glows, why do you wanna annoy, nuclear
Boy with your toy

Feel the light of one who stays over come some
Day set your sights and chip away
Come break my chains come help me out living in
The sity ain't so bad [Repeat: x4]

Chale may I pull you 'side for a second
Asking you a question checkin' what you reckon
Why you letting your guard down with a frown
Freaking bout what you wear how you walk
Around town did your heads ever think further
Than threads, instead your dress code of the
Soul wardrobe is dead, mislead maybe why's my mirror hazy,
Morphin into something else my own imae is fading, making,
Molding, holding, folding, is it more or a movie, Channel z or 3?
Stolen stupid as such why is it television be now ruled by a crutch, hairless and fearless
Devoid of all shape like a snake, stick, your mouth around the bit that says inflate,
Breath deep if a sucker that you be, time is running out for me,
To old for cold rubber making whoopee,
I prefer a woman who is real to the touch, she feels much,
She be the "starsky" to my hutch
You crunched up my sisters to the point of no
Return, anoint the tan with the ointment, now
Ken and Barbie burn, crispy pink, with a plastic
Sheen turn it over, baste it with a bit of margarine
"smells good" the swine taste fine where my Christmas pud

[Chorus: x4]
Come break, my chains come help me out living in the city ain't so bad

I opened up my mind, I severed it straight down
The middle, consciousness like the ocean started
Out from the trickle, inspiration now the damn is
Broken my brain is open game is over time to
Insert your token, hopin' I didn't see my deepest
Upleasentries my creepy crawlies goupe title
"insecurities" what you mean? I mean the kind
That make you worry, buggers like bove and
Money ain't it funny regardless of emotions
That I've found the things that pick you up can
Be the same that put you down, underground in
The pits of despair way down there, once again
I've got to make my way from here, bleeding
Needing a piece of self discovery so I can
Patch myself up and make a quick recovery

Cause it just soon helium balloon bursting

[Chorus: x4]

Come break, my chains come help me (Tights is the gag in my mouth)
Come break, my chains come help me (Tights is the gag in my mouth)

Come break my chains come help me out (picking up the reigns in the south),
Tell who's gonna buy who's gonna sell?

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"Chains" as written by Paul Banks Chad Hugo

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