"My Addiction" as written by and Jamie Spaniolo Mike E Clark....
I just want to see
Everybody bleed
Can you envision
My darkest fantasy
Come with me
Won't you run through the middle of my mind and see
How fucked up it can be! {x2}

You don't poke or provoke me when I'm smoking
Razor blade out of my coat and slight your throught clean
Drive you out on a boat and now you're fish feed
All because of my weird addiction to make a bitch bleed
(gotta die)
Since a kid I been in all kinds of counsulin
(ya gotta die)
They tell my momma that an evil is inside of em
I'm dangerous and can bust at any second
My wig split and if I explode clear the wreckage
Car crash and I did that shit on purpose
Had a hooker with me and she's in need of medical service
Coulda took her with me, but instead I left her for dead
And now the lookin for me so I been hidin out in the shed
I been in it for a week now
And I been fendin just ta get somebody bleedin' but in the meanwhile
I lay low unless the bleedin won't stop
I got bored and cut of my hand with one chop

Say Hey!
I don't think I like it anyway
But you're not gonna tell me what to play
Cause I got a flava that's so addictive I know you'll dig it
O Kaaaayyyyy
Come on now we can play a game
Grab yourself a shovel, dig a grave
Promise not to die
It's so addictive I know you'll dig it

Sometimes brain waves get scrambled
I go blank and fly off the handle
More hot air for the birthday candle
Celebrating another year off in the gamble
(hell yeah)
So thankful, so appoligetic
So not what I expected
That it's border line pathetic
(fuck ya'll)
But who am I to judge
I don't hold a grudge
Hold the gat to my dome and pray the trigger don't budge
Love in the chamber and I aim to kill
The man in the mirror for a change of feel
Switch the pace up, paint his face up with bloodstains
Then redeacorate the bathroom with most of his brains

[chorus x2]

So addictive I know you'll dig it o [x4] kay

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"My Addiction" as written by Mike E Clark Jamie Spaniolo


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