"That's Right" as written by Lyle Lovett, Willis Alan Ramsey and Alison Rogers....
TI-Aight Big Kuntry
Big Kuntry-Wat it is
TI-You betta tell em
Big Kuntry-I'm on it nigga
TI-Aight Big Kuntry
TI- Yea dats right [x8]
Big Kuntry-You kno who dis is mayne

Me and my partna poppin bottles throwin money in da air
It's a party ova here nobody care who ova dere
Dats right [x8]
If you don't want kno trouble betta get back from me
I was trained as a youngin' go and get dat money
Dats right [x8]

[Verse 1:]
I'm on da cover of a magazine ain't even got a album out
Hop at da streets my delete cuh my hits out
Now I'm da one everybody wanna talk about
Hustle hard ball harder dats wat I be's about
Trap it out pimpin' betta neva leave yo white around
I'm da type of nigga break da whole state alaska down
Now since I'm rappin' all dese rappers wanna come around
They stick dey hand out but dem suckas get no pound
All of a sudden dey into me huh dey some groupies G
Dey used to look at da chain and ask me where is T.I.P
Now dey realize dat kuntry king da man in da streets
It's real mayne cocaine, yea dey finally get a G


[Verse 2:]
I got oprah fron? da 80? s rapped up in rubber bands
Party like a rockstar but dis ain't a rock band
Throwin? money in da club changing up precipitation
If you getting rained on den you ain't participatin?
I bet dat struck a nerve yes dats why dem niggas hatin?
Prolly thought id neva make it dats wat dey get fo thinkin?
While dey fakin it I'm sayin it something for da soft
Butta chop pretty face and her ass very soft
Bet her twats lips make a nigga wanna tear her head off
Betcha wanna switch places like the movie face off
And I'm takin? off while all ya niggas fallin? off
You used to be da shit but wen dat ever counted dawg


[Verse 3:]
I'm da voice of da street when I speak niggas listen
You can talk street shit but pimpin? neva in it
You don? t know about da courtrooms or another hearin?
Snitches ain't snitchin? it be like dey be fearin?
Through da lyrics you can hear it I spit it how I live it
Get to da money by da bundle how I spend it
All my cars tinted but dey kno who? s in it
Same cool dude on da mic givin? you da bidness
The brase ain't over but half you niggas finished
Dats why I'm goin to da grammy tryna see where I'm sittin?
Kuntry king in da buildin? I was jes lettin? ya kno
If your da one famous why dey let you through the doh


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"That's Right" as written by Johnny R. Cash Carl Perkins

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