"Drivin' Me Wild" as written by Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Charles Stepney, Lloyd Webber and Kanye Omari West....
It's this thing now
That's driving me wild
I gotta see what's up
Before it gets me down
Love's not a mystery, it's everything

She was the type to watch Oprah and The Today Show
Be on the treadmill, like OK Go
Had the body that you can't pay for
That means she had some D's on her, but they wasn't fake though

Had a drive, a Drive for Rodeo
She spent pesos on those labels
Spent class at the gym, striptease on the pole
She was so obsessed with her body and clothes
To every party she goes, trying hard to be chose
They say it's hard for a pimp, but extra hard for these hoes

Reading US or People mag, trying to get these scoops
Chasing an actor for a Bentley Coupe
She recruit a ball player from the Clippers
Then came the pumps off

Thinking she Number One, when she just a jump off
Doing all she can for a man and a baby
Driving herself crazy
like the astronaut lady


He had paper since we was in, we was in High School
Pop was a doc, mom taught at my school
Lock with the rocks, in his ear he kept jewels
One of the Diddy types, the Dame Dash dudes

Pushed the Maserati Sport, reading the ROB Report
Wanted to be Mike, but he was never live in sports
Since golf was in, he was in the driving course
To live the rap life is what he was striving for

Spending cash at the bar to get credit
Drinking Chandon just because BIG said
They say Ye is, but dude big-headed
Rocked the fur in the summer, so, somebody'll pet it

He had a fetish for shoes that's athletic
Pathetic on his myspace page, half naked
It's a shame what they do for fame, and to be respected
Joe you could of got it, if you never woulda stressed it


They was one of them couples, people said they was it
Unbreakable like Bobby and Whit
Or Ryan and Reese, or Kimora and Russ
Relationships can be dead but look live to us

I guess we all been through it, where we try too much
Losing yourself and your lying and stuff
Wishing for the diamond cuffs, searching for the ring
Where love is not a mystery, it's everything, sing


Gets me down [Repeat: x5]
Gets me
Love's not a mystery, it's everything

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"Drivin' Me Wild" as written by Charles Stepney Lonnie Rashid Lynn

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    General Commentits good, i like it but its gets annoying on repeat.
    goood alsum, i think the cool and eardrum wll also be good

    the songs about self concious people, but i dont know how the chorus relates (if u listen u can hear kanye singing alon)
    Lm_wfcon August 10, 2007   Link
  • +1
    General Commentit's about people that try too hard to be something.

    the first paragraph is about a girl thats obsessed with her body and the way it looks and she goes to the gym all that time and tries to find out what the new fads are in the magazines (US or People). She spends lotsa money on Rodeo (Rodeo Drive of course) and she's always chasin after famous people and trin to hard to hook up with them.

    the second paragrapgh is about a guy that was born with money and he was rich, but he wanted to be like a celebrity, but he couldn't plays sports well so since he couldn't rap like a rap star, he just acted like it. he'd by expensive cars, drink certain drinks becuase Big was doin it, wear fur in the summer to show that he could afford it (even though it was hot), and show skin on his myspace so people would add him. Basically he shamed himself by actin like that and people woulda liked him if he didn't try so hard.

    So those two got together and though they put on a show for other people and acted like they were happy, the relationship was dead becuase they tried too hard.

    that's my take on it :D

    oh and it's not "Since God was in, he was in the driving course" it's "Since golf was in, he was in the driving course"

    fersheron August 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is ill
    Tromboneon August 01, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General CommentShe spent pesos on those Lebos

    I think its lables, not lebos.
    ilikemusicmoreon September 09, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General CommentWhat fersher said. :l Awesome song, I like the drum beat.
    YouCouldBeHappyon September 13, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General CommentAlso, theres a video on youtube that explains what the song is really about.

    YouCouldBeHappyon September 13, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General CommentCommon is a little to preachy fo my liking, but I love Lily's part in this song.
    TacoChelon October 02, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General Commentlove it.
    self explanitory.
    megcianteon October 08, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General CommentI was watching tv yesterday and this video came on at least five fucking times. This song gets very annoying with all that shit going on in the background.
    FerrisWheelParkingon October 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSince God was in, he was in the driving course

    "Since golf was in, he was on the driving course"

    ill song
    snick347on December 09, 2007   Link

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