"Cop It" as written by Shawn Mims and Thomas Simons....
Cop it
Put it in the pot
Then rock it
Put it out
Look how I profit
Haters tryin' to knock it
But I won't stop
'Cause they know I'm about to blow

Yes, it's me
The underestimated emcee
So ill with the flow I need a M.D.
Somebody call a doctor
I make 'em all sick when I hop out the Phantom of the Opera
Opposite to what I call a failure
I am the reason y'all can't look in the mirrors
But don't worry: I see shit a lil' clearer
Go ahead and act funny, but you ain't stackin' money
And therefore we ain't here for the best
Matter of fact, homey, I can't hear y'all
I'm deaf
I spit it in sign language, mob language
Keep me around bread like a sandwich
The plane done landed
The plan unveiled
Now, gimme some space; I'm outta this world
Some niggas say they just tryin' to get a nut
That may be true, but I'm a very big squirrel
Y'all niggas get in some shit and just bail
I'm at the precinct like, "Fuck it, it's just bail."
Me, I'm a very big deal with some very big work on a very big scale


I heard it was: squeeze first, ask questions later
So which one of y'all is the next to ask?
Be the same one of y'all up next to blast
I suggest you raise up, like Exxon gas
You bullshittin', I'm talkin' what I could do
Mims is hotter than some cooked food
I'm a good dude, so usually I chill
But if you look close enough, you can see my steel
Yes, I'm concealed
Yes, I'm the shit
You think his paper long? You should see my deal
I'm Microsoft Mims, I rock wit' Bill Gates
First week, shipped a mill out the gate
And I ain't tryin' to brag, I just set the record straight
My shit push four; I'm just tryin' to move eight
You tryin' to catch up with me, ya too late
All you do is lose weight
I move weight
Drive through states
Push meals like every day was a Tuesday
Wow, that's real
Y'all iced grill
I'm laughin' on my way to the bank wit' a nice meal


I'm a Range Rove rapper
Plain-clothes rappers
Need to stop actin' like the thang won't clap ya
I am not a killer, nor do I defend 'em
I don't swing at dudes; I am not a pendulum
I don't write laws or rules, nigga, I bend 'em
I don't start careers when I beef, nigga, I end 'em
You don't want it with me; I can see clearly
You match up with I?
Please, barely
Dog, I'm nearly as high as it gets
I get weary in the sky when I fly like this
I'm so high, it's gettin' kinda hard to top it
So imagine when the album drop, I'm a make y'all...


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"Cop It" as written by Thomas Simons Shawn Mims

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