"Big Black Train" as written by and Shawn Mims Darrick Baker....
Shorty, wanna ride?
Don't worry 'bout a car
'Cause you can take a ride on my big black train
I'll scoop you up wherever that you are
From under your man's arm; he's just that lame
And we gon' be rollin', rollin', choo-choo-chooin'
NY, ATL, LA, Houston
Now, all the lil' shorties like he got game
They beggin' for a ride on my big black train

Now some like whips, and some like chains
But her - she got a thing for that big black train
Not just a metaphor to how I'm ridin' on tracks
From up north to down south wit' niggas ridin' in lacks
Since I dropped, I got the whole world ridin' my back
To much chit chat: is he back pack, or is he gimmicky?
Lyrically, he's sick; he know the ring of remedies
Jealousy breathes envy, got a lot of enemies
Shorties I probably wife, I keep a lot of those too
Bitches all in my pockets, I know a lot of hos too
I'm yellin' all aboard, they takin' off they clothes too
You tryin' to figure why, and I already told you
Most chicks is infatuated with all my vocals
Niggas hate in the hood 'cause I'm no longer local
All around the world got ladies screamin' my name
And for what? They lookin' for a ride on my big black train


I ain't got spinners; I'm a winner by nature
I can't stand a broad that's just into my paper
You find me in the club sippin' Henny, no chaser
If I don't hit it now, I bet I'm hittin' that later
See, when I swing through the bling, I bring through
Brightin' up the room, turnin' everything blue
And everything new is everything new
Can't choose to and everything you ain't used to
Now, have you ever seen a nigga lay his game down
Hop off the Lear jet, come through, and bring the train 'round?
I'm just playin' with the game, see, it's a shame now
They say I'm cocky since industry know my name now
But now it's back on board, see, off to my train we go
Check a ID, make sure that this thing legal
She gave me head crack, and I ain't talkin' 'bout C-lo
I hit her same day, man, that's word on my people

[Chorus: x2]

Ride on my big black train

Big black train

They beggin' for a ride on my

They beggin' for a ride on my big black train

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