"Gilmore's" as written by Richard Frierson and Lloyd Banks....
Yea, whoo
You niggas know what time it is
Its time for that gangsta shit

We ain't got shit to live for
Your either headed for the pen or your on your way to Gilmore
In the middle of the real war
Cause a five dollar bill is the shit niggas kill for
I make million out yeah
I don't care about a motherfucka' out there
My heart cold and my wrist rock
You could fuck around and die over Hip Hop

I treat a dollar like a mill, countin' every bill
'cause if I don't watch mine another motherfucka' will
I went double but I still tuck the steel
I'm the truth, why the fuck you think 50 cut the deal
Rollin in a bag of D when you cut the seal
When I bling the paint job on a Coupe De Ville
I ain't never had a pop. poppa never had a son
Nobody to go get, so I ain't never run
They chat behind my back but they quiet when I come
They treat a lil' nigga like a giant with a gun
I walk with a swagger like I always had money
'cause I know, they rather see my black ass bummy
Ain't nothin' funny just a whole lotta anger
Mind of a leader, drama of a gang banger
If a nigga come on property I ain't gonna call
There'll be a splatter on ya shirt, and it ain't paintball


I don't follow no rules I'm gettin' in here with the town
And if I don't, we gon' burn this motherfucka' down
I'm comin' through swingin' like they do in H-Town
And I roll down the window and spin ya bitch face around
I'm a stunna', hoggin' up the lane like the Hummer
Till the wheel run dry like the rain in the summer
Even the broke nigga can't afford to go to sleep
Fuck around and get ya head popped all over the street
And I ain't got nothin' for 'em but the heat
My lil' brother want jewelry and Jordan's on his feet
Now, they recognize if ya slaughterin' the beat
And if it wasn't for rappin', I'd have ya daughter on the street
I been the same since Kane and Slick Rick had it
Now niggas die in the car, my whole whip had it
I worked too hard to let a nigga have it
So I pack the Automatic for the sideline static, Yea!


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"Gilmore's" as written by Richard A. Frierson Christopher Charles Lloyd

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