"Make a Move" as written by Christopher Charles Lloyd, Waynne Jason Nugent and Kevin John Risto....
I'm back

I'm a G-Unit nigga that means I don't play by the rules
But I can make you move
About a quarter mill on juice so I ride around with the oohs
Now that'll make um move
Ma, you should stay in or come to me make up your mind
I lashed out too fast to take my time
I got to get in position to make her mine
'cause I ain't leavin' the club without my dime
You know I got my nine
Think twice before you cross that line
Nigga you must have lost your mind
Thinkin' you can get off my shines

Shorty got to shakin' and I'm waitin' to take her home
It's hot as hell in here and I'm bakin' up a Patron
I know a couple different ways I can make 'um bone
And when I'm done with her, she'll wanna take a nigga to Rome
Give me a hour I have her blowin' up my phone
Like a stem to a stone she won't leave me alone
Million dollar nigga I get it and show off
But Doja, give ma minute with your boss, I'll fold ya
New York fitted and gold cross in a Rover
Holster, all over the shoulder
I'm the sickest thing spittin' in N-Y
Your plane ain't the same, it's different when I fly
South side player play around and get shot
Twenty four hours steak out on your block
Don't get your views confused with Hip-Hop
'fore you wind up on the news, now watch the hit drop


From what I hear niggas don't like me
It's funny, they wanna be jus' like me
You bummy, it's jealousy more than likely
The money, they made a nigga all icey
Four finger ring that boy doin' his thing
V-V-S Bling my chain long as a swing
Boulevard king over known in Beijing
Fully prepared for whatever the drama may bring
Sixty-nine scraper with the up and down pumps
Murder is forever don't fuck around once
Bottle after bottle I down 'um till I'm drunk
If you ain't chipped in don't come around my blunt
Grimey and gritty New York City's top gun
First nigga act up gets a hot one
B-P-V the bottom and top done
I get there, I gets it, I'm done, one


I don't know about you but I'm doin' it for the queue
Whip brand new size twenty-two shoe
Use your money don't let your money use you
I got a cruise view, you know the usual
My life's beautful, my pockets full of bread
You get outta pocket I play soccer with your head
And that girl ain't your girl know the difference boy
Nigga I done killed more niggas than a liquor store
I left somethin' on her when I seen her
And she was rubbin' it in, like Nakazeena
She will kill big niggas, cute big hips
And she's pretty convincin', a video vixen
If you lookin' for a mack I fit the description
Chicks see him take pictures and kiss him
Back blockin' nigga I get it and I'm good
I'm hood, livin' life like you should


Grew up in the Y
New York that is
Why-why-Ya know the name
I handle my biz, kid

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"Make a Move" as written by Waynne Nugent Kevin Risto

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