"Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze" as written by and Todd Berry /....
Fat Rat! Fat Rat!
Fat Rat! Fat Rat!
Fat Rat! Fat Rat!
Fat Rat! Fat Rat!

You know Lil' O
Hit the brick and turn thirty-six to fifty-four
Get the rental, hit the interstate and get the dough
I keep my game face on (yeah)
H-Town niggas stay paper-chase-on
All that "What's up kinfolk", we ain't no relation
I got my dough, you want to play you get a game station
'Cause I don't want the block, I want the whole nation
I'm greedy, envy, trife, and lust creation, I'm the fat rat!
The fat rat with the cheddar
When I blast my Barretta, slugs smash through your sweater
And if you come, I'm show you if I mash it's whatever
I spin a nigga hot and turn his ass into leather
Two bricks in the dash, fifty g's in the fender
Throw stash spot from my glock, I call it blender
Do magnanimous with them broads, Kim and Brenda
I'm the cat that separate the ballers from pretenders, I'm the

(Fat rat!)
The fat rat with the cheese
The boy that got the work, from half O's to Ki's, they call me
(Fat rat!)
The fat rat with the cheese
I bleed niggas' blocks and stab O's and G's, they call me
(Fat rat!)
The fat rat with the cheese
The little nigga, that push them big body V's, they call me
(Fat rat!)
The fat rat with the cheese
There's stealers on my team that smash blows and freeze

You know when Fat Rat hit the club I always ride through stuntin'
There's somethin' big and wide, and it's glidin' on buttons
'Cause the wool lookin' phat my insides like a glutton
And I don't say hi to these hoes that ain't fuckin'
And if you want to check, go head and try it ain't nothin'
There's killers on my side, just dyin' to spray somethin'
Paint somethin' wrap up the tape somethin'
That's what happened to the last niggas came through frontin'
Now I'm in the field arms in the Lexus
In the bitch like they mommas keep they heads put away
Every soldier on my team all about gettin' cake
And the ones get out of line, we do 'em to set 'em straight
Now it's the thug ones (yeah) who snatch your loved ones (yeah)
And call you for the ransom we want it in all ones (for real)
Debatin', we all dunns (get money)
Them niggas alright, but me, I'm awesome


I'm still a vida-loca (yeah) slangin' coke-a (yeah)
Block leadin', tryna get money like Op-rah (whoa)
In the kitchen cookin' these chickens like okra
I can get it raw, white, yellow, tan, or moca (for real)
Ain't no game is over, it's just a lot of new heads
Now a niggas winnin' wars, giving game to the Feds
That's the type that cats that get found with a brain full of lead
In the living room, tied up and gagged, laying in red
Laying and dead, 'cause playa if you mention-my-name
I will break, every bone and every inch-of-your-frame (what)
When I throw you off the roof and have you wrenchin' in pain
There's nothin' in the world like the stench of remains,
'Cause when I throw ?em I don't play no elementary games
Not when he drunk, ice grill, catching a flame
He could bust, anything, tryna get at my change
I got the streets on lock like penitentiaries, man, I'm the


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"Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze" as written by Aswad W Sampson

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