"It's Craccin All Night" as written by Andre A. Brown, Tyrone J. Kelsie and Eric Mcintosh....
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas run this
Bad Boy

Bad Boy
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas run this

As we proceed (As we proceed) {Coast to coast}
To give y'all what y'all need (Come on, man) {Everywhere we go}
Super powers have united (You know what time it is) {Keep it crack-a-lackin'}
D-P-G (D-P-G)
The Bad Boy empire (Bad Boy, baby) {We keep it crack-a-lackin'}
E-Swiss (Come on) {What, we keep it crack-a-lackin'}
Worldwide (Ay yo) {Wha-wha, what, what}
Let's show 'em what happens when kings get together (International)

It's crackin' all night
Coast to coast, just everywhere we go
You know
It's crackin' all night
Bustin' a hoe
Gettin' a dough
On the low
It's crackin' all night
Bad Boy for life
It's crackin' all night
Cause everybody know that D-P-G-C, Bad Boy niggas run this

The party jumpin', jumpin', jumpin'
The place packed
? 'round here, don't know how to act, act
We buy alcohol, nigga, buy the racks
We balled out, spendin' shit by the stacks
Can I get a hey (Hey!)
Can I get a ho (Ho!)
Dogg Pound Gangstas and Bad Boy
Here we go
We bustin' heads with a Moet bottle [glass break]
Strike the ass out
Me and my niggas go full-throttle
Cause 'Cris naked
So we 'bout
To get it started
Get it, Dogg Pound nigga, we 'bout, to get retarded
And we comin' with them bangin' beats, ? and dumpin'
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas run this


What they know about some gangsta shit
Bang some shit
Scrappin' lane to lane, some shit
Explain some shit
You on the strip, wind shit
Explain this, dick
When did you come in the shit
The ten in shit
Fifth and the ten-inch clips
I been in this shit
Been sinnin' shit, in and shit
We'll end the shit
Started, begin the shit
Horrendous shit
Stretch and bend the shit
When you attended, what the fuck did you intended, shit
From attendin' ship, been doin' this since ten and shit
Cock back and spin this shit, relentless bitch
And I'm a jack you and your heartless relentless bitch


All I see is asses poppin', droppin', stoppin', cause
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas run this
In the streets, we the raw niggas you wanna fuck with
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas run this

Big motherfuckin' Snoop Dogg, I'm pimpin'
Buster-ass niggas pay attention, pay homage
Fat-mouth the Dogg and I'm straight up the heart

Now everybody know that California and New York, we rockin'
Never ever try to run up on us, cowards, you don't want it
All the chicken heads scream where they hear "It's Diddy" (They know my name)
Twenty thousand dollar jeans, when I chill with 50

I got the gangsta party crackin' in the back, in fact
I got them dub sacs to highlight ya whole night
Doggy Dogg is a hog, and a boss, and a gangsta
Gangsta groove and rich, rollin' a cube, and boss up, nigga

Who want want with Sean "Puff" Da Don
Dutch Don Juon with Sean Don, I'm Sean John
What you know about D-P-G

Cause everybody know that D-P-G-C, Bad Boy niggas run this (And Bad Boy)

Yeah (Ya motherfuckers know what time it is)
We run this
Like I say, man (United Nations)
From the Big Apple (Bounce)
All the way back to the Wild Wild West (Bounce)
It is what it is (Eastside to the westside)
Dig it (Bounce)
Crack-a-lack it (Yeah)
All night (We ain't goin' no where)
This what it do, boy (We invented this shit)

Ay yo, Snoop
I love how you did this shit
Daz, Kurupt
They can't keep us apart (Bad Boy)
L.A., I love ya, west coast (Bad Boy)
Bay Area (Bad Boy)
Y'all know how we do
New York (Bad)
Ha ha (I'm really a Bad Boy)
And I been a Dogg Pound Gangsta
For life, for life, for life
Internationally known
Man, don't be scared
Be down or lay down, bitch
Only the strong survive, the weak shall perish
And we still here
We ain't going nowhere
East to the west
North, south, y'all get down, too
Let's rock

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"It's Craccin All Night" as written by Eric Mcintosh Andre A. Brown

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