"No Delayin" as written by Daryl P/k/a Smooth B Barnes and Greg P/k/a Greg Nice Mays....
Ah yeah..
I'm with this..
Ahhh yeah..
I'm with this..

Hey yo, kickin wicked rhymes like a fortune teller
Had a dog by the name of Old Yeller
Old, Yeller, had a fiendish plot
Schemed and dreamed, for me to make a knot
Ever since then booties clock me like Big Ben
As I go on and kick more
Got more songs than a record store
Some is sniffin and some is buffin
Some is riffin some ain't sayin nothin
But my pockets I am stuffin
Huffin puffin blow the house down
Nice and Smooth is in your town
I own a sailboat, and this I quote
Collect federal notes, from songs I wrote
Not the Shah of Iran and I'm not the Pope
But my name is on the Walk of Fame like Bob Hope
Baby doll, bust the sketch, don't forget
That I'm a trooper and you're troopette
I'm Mr. Smurf and you're Smurfette
I, take you, to the hotel
You, take me, to the motel
Like a rocketship I will excel
When you do a crime you go to jail
Pay the bail then hop the bail
Bounty hunter is on yo' tail
Mission to bring you back to jail
Pump a little weight so I'm not frail
Baby doll, you know what I'm sayin?

"When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'"
"When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'"
"When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'"

Smooth be, my rhymes express awareness
And I possess finesse and we share this
I'm at the top of the pile
My long rhymes span infinite miles
'Cause I'm buildin, a new rap level
Through bass and treble, I will abolish the devil
I must prevail
Smooth be, too fresh to be stale
I stay def beyond 2000
And my spirit will keep arousin
All new jack boys and girls
And I never had jheri curls
Smooth be rollin' right and exact
And givin no slack, I'm tellin you flat, that
I am an orator, dope rhyme conniseur
Never leavin you bored on the dancefloor
You want more, Smooth be's got enough for 4 scores
Chewin MC's like Reese's Pieces
And treatin other MC's like feces
They walk around with no direction
They get mad over our complexion
They didn't pass inspection
Nice and Smooth is your resurrection
I'm like an Audi with fuel injection
Don't wear glasses, got good perception
Used to rock at the T-Connection
And Teddy Ted got the scratch in section
You know what I'm sayin?

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"No Delayin'" as written by Greg P/k/a Greg Nice Mays Daryl P/k/a Smooth B Barnes

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