"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 3" as written by and Robert S. Kelly....
Well, here we are the four of us,
in total shock me and her,
I close my mouth,and swallow spit,
as I'm thinking to myself this is some deep shit,
then I said so your gonna tell me he's the one
you've been talking to,
he says yes, I says no, he says yes, I says no,
he says it's the truth,
I yell "all of y'all asses crazy,
let me up out this door", cause this is way
more than I bargained for,
and then she says wait,
I'm sure we can all fix this, then I said i'm late,
Cause I ain't got a damn thing to do with this

Then she said wouldn't you like to know
just how it all begin,
then I thought to myself and said quick you got 3 minutes,
then it got real quiet
I said somebody start talking, then she said
And then she said "My God Ruphus, I got just one question,
How could you do something like this i'm so hurt!
he looked at her and said bitch please you got
yo nerve, with all yo club poppin'
lying sayin' you was shoppin',
and now here you are in
our home, and you calling
me wrong, she said ok you busted me,
and that much I agree,
you caught me cheating,
but this a little extreme,
he said you are my wife,
sleeping behind my back,
and now I come home and you got him in the closet,
how extreme is that?

She says but she's a he,
then he says please you can't judge me,
she says Ruphus this is crazy,
and I said stop arguing,
I did not stay here to hear y'all chew
each other out, so get to the point,
or I swear I'm out, excuse me please,
but I think I can explain what's going in
here, my name is Chuck, and I've been
knowin' Ruphus for bout a year,
at midnight creeping around with him it's been a living hell,
sneaking in and out of hotels,
I said brother spare me
the details, then Ruphus said Chuck please,
don't say nothin' else, then she screams Ruphus
you son of a bitch,
and he says Cathy go to hell,
I said I thought you name was Mary,
that's what you said at the party,
man this is getting scary,
I'm gonna shoot somebody

Then Ruphus starts yellin' and screaming
saying Cathy this is all yo fault,
she throws a pillow at him
and says you was creepin' too the only difference
is you didn't get caught,
Chuck screams out we're in love
Cathy says love my ass
Ruphus say they gettin' married
then I shoot one in the air,
then I say not another one of
you sons of bitches say a word,
cause all of this shit I'm going through
is unheard, grab my cellular,
sayin' this is so wrong,
call up my home,
and a man picks up the phone

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"Trapped in the Closet Chapter 3" as written by Robert S. Kelly

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Trapped in the Closet Chapter 3 song meanings
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    General CommentWith R. Kelly, Rufus, and Chuck now decidedly “out of the closet,” the situation erupts into conflict and violence. R. Kelly seems incredibly conflicted in this chapter; his initial instinct is to leave, but Cathy manages to convince him to stay by appealing to his curiosity. R. Kelly is both repulsed and intrigued by Rufus’s affair with Chuck; just as Rufus saw elements of himself in R. Kelly, R. Kelly clearly sees parallels to his own situation in Rufus and Chuck’s romance.While he initially agreed to stay in the hope of witnessing an interesting dramatic spectacle, he became more and more eager to leave when Rufus and Cathy began fighting. It becomes clear that R. Kelly has a strange aversion to conflict. Although he could leave at any time (since he has a gun and nothing to gain by staying), he seems to be staying in Rufus and Cathy’s apartment only to act as a mediator. He repeatedly demands that they stop fighting, although their affairs are truly none of his concern. This provides crucial insight into R. Kelly’s character: the combination of habitual infidelity and extreme distaste for arguments among couples suggests that he was the product of a dysfunctional family, probably involving an abusive and unfaithful father. This might explain why R. Kelly demands to be in control at all times.
    Although he is a Casanova himself, R. Kelly has an obvious aversion to being played. He becomes hurt when it is revealed that Cathy didn’t use her real name when she courted him at the nightclub, even though it has little bearing on his situation. Although he is unfaithful himself, he is stunned when, at the end of the chapter, a man answers the telephone at his house.

    Insight provided by Dr. David Thorpe
    calebcassleron September 09, 2013   Link

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