"Feelings" as written by and Barry Mann/cynthia Weil....
Look at my faceâ?¦ I look like I really don't give a fuck. Now days it comes to no surprise, people steppin' up to me and fillin me with all these lies. I give a fuck about, who you know. I do my music just to let myself go because my feelings can't be seen, sometimes ill need be they are real. Trapped behind a mask, but don't ask how I feel. Now I need my deal that revealed the truth and brights. â?¦don't begin to break from hesitating what I create, collaborate what people dedicate. â?¦feelings can't be seen, redeem my self to rest in peace. At least I can release all this preasure, sometimes its hard for me to add an equal measure. Temperature rising, realizing where I was. Ready to die just because, that's what depression does.

Don't mess with my head, my thoughts are my opinion. Somehow I thought I told you this in the beginning. I speak from my heart and decide we're all pretending. What kinda message do you really think your sending. Somethings I hear come off way too offending. You want to go to battle, then you just end up surrending. I'm so pissed I'm just refueling, this is what I'm thinking, and this is how I'm feeling.

Nothing in this life we live can ever be certain, I'm a muppet on a string, suppose I close the curtain. My prediction, I'm holding tight like constriction. there's too much confliction, now I'm living, fact not bitching. Now I'm wishin, for a complete mission of this life. While they smile in my face, then back-stab me with a knife. Its like two different ways, stuck up in a maze. â?¦goin though the days I need a raise. Good times, don't let it stop. Good things never last. Problems I can't solve, revolve around my past. Life is passing too short, so I support my only goal- have control of my soul before these people play my role. I take a stroll down the brick road, through the dark halls, concrete walls, death calls. I'm scared, but most of them fall. Like nothing at all is seems broken dreams are often so achieve of your belief before you leave up in a coffin.


My mind is twisted, I miss it. Always filled with rage. These words that I've listed, but myself into the page. I was stuck in a cage, now I'm on the stage, ready to fuck it up I'm blowin up like a 12-guage. At a young age I was blind in my mind. Let myself behind, I can't rewind its time to find, some music and use it to keep me occupied. So many times I tried, all this time I was denied. Decide that I could ride but never would I hide. From my inside self pride I need a guide. So ride on out, and take the right route. But my feelings can't be seen that's what life is all about. So I scream, I shout, to get my point across. But it doesn't really matter, my mind is so lost. I give a fuck about, what ya think. I'm goin crazy and I think I need a shrink.

[Chorus x2]

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"Feelings" as written by Cynthia Weil Barry Mann

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