"My Life" as written by and Maggie/lee Lee....
[Verse 1] Slick
What you want is what you see
The only thing you want is slick also known as me
Why'all ready to stunt girl you don't have to front
You can play baseball and bunt or roll up a blunt
I'm the kind of dog that was released from the pound
I'll bark in yo face hopin you love da sound
Uqly hoe makin me look the worst
I get my deal for every time I spit my verse
I'll knock you off the heezy
Fo sheezy bein me isn't easy
Ha ha you know you know it fo sho
Like jadakiss said if you can only flow than lifes a bitch you know
So learn a lil so you know what the fuck you doin here
Just like bonecrusher I ain't never scared you heard no fear
[Chorus] X2
Why'all want to be with me you got to be in my life
If you isn't part of my life then stay in your own
Becuz I got a life you gotta find one for yo self
Its my life, BITCH its my life, BITCH its my life, BITCH my life
[Verse 2] Slick
Why are some of why'all hatin on my life
Why are some of why'all threating me with a knife
Why'all know I don't own a gun
But we do this shit fo fun
If you want to be with me just gimme some hollas
But the only way to be with me is fifty thousand dollas
So pay up bitch gimme yuh cash
If you don't ill be in yuh frontyard whippn yuh ass
Man I don't do chicken and beer it ain't my thing
I be staying at the holidae inn like Ching-a-ling (Ding-a-ling)
You can't see the party till the eleventh hour
Yo stench is killin me fucker you don't take showers (haha)
You think you're a pimp but your hair is only fuzz
But I'm not bein hated by much playahs all becuz..
[Chorus] X2
[Verse 3] Slick
Ok here we go verse three this is the one you hearin
All you mutha fuckers are in shock and yuh fearin
I don't need that fame and all the glory
I just want the money I don't need to tell you those yearly stories
I'm in da club and no where near da fourties
Then I'm at my house throwin those crazy after parties
Maybe I'm still a youngsta but movin on to the fame
If you see me in da hood why don't you holla my name
I'm slick with a reputation of hot stuff yo

Dealy yo seal me yo threw this hole song did you feel me yo
[Chorus] X2

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"My Life" as written by Maggie Lee Larry Lee

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