"Where da At" as written by and Michael Antoine/campbell Crooms....
What's your heart beatin' for, ha? (you scared)
What's your heart beatin' for, ha?

Yeah! (uh, these niggas scarred)
What's up ladies and gentlemen? (deez bitch niggas scared)
Boys and girls (it's lil b. gizzle, homebwoi)
Collipark music (collipark, chopper city)
And I'm so sick and tired of bein sick and tired
Of bein' sick and tired bein' sick and motherfuckin' tired
All these pussy-ass niggas (i see they heart beatin', I see it)
(I know what's happenin' with 'em)
(We goin' do it like this-sheah, see'mon)

What's your heart beatin for, ha? (you scared)
What's your heart beatin for, ha?

Where da at? in the club, where da at? showin' love
Where da at? in the drop ridin' twenty deuce dubs
Where da at? in the street, where da at? with the beat
Where da at? with da bitch still talkin' 'bout me
Where da at? in the back, where da at? in the 'llac
Where da at? in the hood still gettin' they ass jacked
Where da at? gettin' 2-way, where da at? in the who
Where da at? talkin' bad but it's still all goo-ey

Man I'm rollin' with the gangsters, kick it with the g's
Hustle with the hustlers I'm "the heart of the streets"
Grind with the ballers, ball with the grinders
Keep it real with my clique so my whole team shiners
Ride with the riders, swim with the sharks
If I get caught I got nothin' to say to the law
I'm built to last, ever since them niggas killed my dad
Crackin' a pen and pad is all I had
It's get it how you live with me
Busters don't know how to deal with me, it's all real with me
All the street niggas scared of me
All the hot girls love me they say "boy put that drill in me"
I come through, limo tint on the truck
I got a whole block spooked when I ride slow, puttin' it up
Got straight, seagram's gin in my cup
I ain't gon' do ya nothin' scary-ass nigga, what you heart beatin' for?

What's your heart beatin' for? (you scared)
What's your heart beatin' for, ha?


I'm in the club, post up, way in the back
Got a bottle of gin and I snuck in with the mac
Got my fresh bows on, breeze on my feet
Hoes love when I'm thuggin' in my fresh white tee
I'm 'bout whatever, gizzle is a g
We could do it however, it don't matter to me
We can do it right here, we can take it outside
I'm young, but believe, I been 'bout mine
I just ride when it's time to ride
I grind when it's time to grind, slangin' hot when it's time to bust
Slangin' dick when it's time to fuck
I'm a chopper city nigga, don't try your luck
You want beef? I ain't scared, nigga I'm everywhere
You don't be where you say you be, you're never there
You actin' like you 'bout it, bitch nigga you scared
I see your heart beatin', so busta break bread

What's your heart beatin' for? (you sacred)
What's your heart beatin' for, ha?


Niggas caught in the zone, they better watch it when I'm cockin' my chrome
Cause at clubs, yeah I slip one in your dome, you better leave me alone
I ain't no bitch, I don't talk shit on the phone
I got somethin' that just might follow you home, now ain't I dead-ass wrong
How could you react, if your brains are blown
I guess that fat bitch is singin' her song, that bitch is singin' her song
You busted wide, little boys ain't grown
Your mouth is heavy but your back ain't strong, and once again it's on
You must be smokin' on that cheech and chong
Think you can handle with somethin' this wrong, with somethin' this wrong
Just write it in blood, or carve it in stone
Otherwise you don't want no problems with homes, don't want no problems with homes
You can't get rid of me, not even penitentiary
A friend of me, you need to be, I'm hotter than humidity
Without a mask, jack a nigga for his cash
Hot led make a motherfucker heart beat fast

What's your heart beatin' for? (you scared)
What's your heart beatin' for, ha?

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"Where Da At" as written by Michael Antoine Crooms Jevor Campbell

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