"Like Me" as written by Edward Jr. Hinson, Dwayne Johnson, Stanley Howse and Bryon Mccane....
They want to be just like me, look just like me,
dress just like me, and act just like me/ Want to sound just
like me, and rap just like me, get bitches like me, but
can't G up like me [Ya'll just don't know]

-Layzie Bone-
Look dog, I'm a thoroughbred,
pistol totin' hard head/ Killa for the scrilla, man,
hittin' you with this hot lead/ Tend setter, nobody does it
better/ Want to G.P with a thug nigga? Better get yo' shit
together/ Them polished, pimpin' playas, all of my partners
pushin' something/ When it was '89 I was packin'
9's, sellin' dope and dumpin' (Buck Buck Buck)
Uh, uh uh, ain't that the shiznit? Layzie Bone got some
money 'cause Layzie Bone handled his business/ Ya'll
niggas be slackin' up, tryin' to be me, actin'
up/ You need to be tryin' to do you 'cause doin'
me too flashy for you (Yeah) Now, say my name and watch these
bitches come flockin' up/ Comin' hard, stuntin'
on 'em/ These haters be watchin'/ I'm
droppin' bombs like the Taliban, messed like a L.A Mexican/
Psycho like Norman Bates when it comes down to the cheddar, man
(Ya'll just don't know) What it took to get here;
Talkin' blood, sweat and tears/ Ridin' and perfect
timin' payin' dues in here for years


-Bizzy Bone-
Mr. Miraculous with
the acrobatic wordplay/ These bitches ain't worthy, they
suckin' like you never gon' hurt me/ Most
motherfuckin' certainly/ Throw up the 7, fuck your game, we
down and dirty/ Me and Lay tighter than Nelly and his homie
Murphy/ On in a day / With a stomach full of Henny; I'm
spiritual, ya'll earthly/ Close the curtains, niggas shot
at the door/ Protective custody, don't drop the soap (Bubba
want him, whoa!)/ (?) dagger (?) the arrow back to the
backstabber / Mathematical habitat of maniacal mad me and
I'm gettin' plastered/ Watchin' the strippers
work hard for they' money and dog, the lookin' lovely/
This is Babylon; 7 Sign rough and ruggery (I'm a bust your
motherfuckin' head, nigga) Only killers can hug me,
it's all cool in the game/ Celebratin' with bubbly/
Very agressive; we dumpin'/ Ya'll soft like dumplings


-Layzie Bone-
(Whoa) Nigga got the whole world watchin' braids,
showin' duece how to rock the stage/ When LL was
rockin' bills I was scramblin' gettin' my pockets
paid/ And I ain't stoppin' til I'm in my grave,
and that's until the casket drop/ Never leave the crib
without my plastic Glock (Buck buck)/ Stop, no can't,
don't want that ain't in my vocabulary/ I promise not
to do it nigga, unless it's absolutely necessary/ Feel my
vibe; Drunk, twisted and high/ Go ahead and do you; The grass
ain't greener on the other side

-Bizzy Bone-

Oh my God! We always into something illegal/ Gettin'
the paper, black undertaker cakin' the crib, duckin'
the haters/ East side, North side fo' sho'/ Throw up
the Bone'fore I leave this bitch, murda mo'/ Cleveland
Avenue 1-6-1, the enforcers/ Never the freeze crew green brow,
cops and guns/ I don't need you; He who stands alone/
I'm in the zone with the 7's/ I'm a dog from the
Bone, motherfucker


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"Like Me" as written by Dwayne Johnson Edward Jr. Hinson

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