"Child of the Night" as written by Mary C Brockert, Damon King Mcdaniels, Christopher Brian Bridges and Nathaniel D Hale....
[Chorus: x2 Nate Dogg]
It's gonna get in ya, child of the night
And the hood rolls on
How do I begin to, do this shit right
Get my hustle on

Look here!
Now I'm a man of many talents and a man of my word
But on my path to see the light sometimes my vision gets blurred
It's all a part of growing up and seeing life at it's worst
Then trying to iron out my wrinkles, putting family first
It seems like the whole world is out for sinking my boat
But with God as my navigator I'll be staying afloat
And I admit to being caught by many foolish distractions
Then I'm forced to pay the price as the result of my actions
I'm battling with myself and every DAY it's a war
Curiosity killed the cat, why am I Curious George?
Gotta keep my nose up outta things that ain't none of my biz
And just cause something looks don't really mean that it is
Get through the agony and anger, the pain and strife
And take the necessary steps to try to change my life
I got some questions for you Lord cause my mentality's hood
So why is everything that's bad for me feel so good?


Now I'm a only child, so excuse some of my selfish ways
I got spoiled when I was young, spoil myself today
Oh but I feed at least a thousand stomachs and how I've done it
Is from the ground up a hundred miles and running
Dodging and ducking everybody trying to hammer me down
A self-made millionaire, baby look at me now
Can't tell me nothing still hungry as the day I began
Cause all I ever really needed was a pen in my hand
And a, pad in my lap, didn't matter in fact
Me and my momma lived in one room, and what's badder than that
Was a young man forced to grow up at the age of 12
Trying to get in where I fit, streets giving me hell
But yet I give it right, back, so how you like, that
Continue doing wrong 'til I was on the right, track
Tell me 'bout heavy money I might give it a push
But a, bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Come on


No matter how much older we get man, we all still children at heart
We all make mistakes, it's all good

Now I've tried plenty of times to get rid of my bad habits
Living life on the cutting edge, taking a stab at it
And learning from my mistakes, try not to make 'em twice
Just admitting when I'm wrong, trying hard to make it right
And baby, nobody's perfect in this world of ours
There's plenty people getting stitches in this world of scars
But over time, pray to God that he can heal your wounds
Try to love and love again until they seal your tomb
Cause life is short if you don't know this it'll pass you by
That's why my head is in the clouds trying to pass the sky
Never blinking for a minute, keep my eyes on my foes
They want to catch me in the open, bring my life to a close
Meanwhile that's why I'm bringing so much life to my shows
I've seen smiles I'm making changes turning glitter to gold
Don't let these devils play you down or belittle your soul
Just be happy with yourself and it's so simple to grow
Come on

[Chorus: Repeats]

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"Child of the Night" as written by Mary C Brockert Christopher Brian Bridges

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