"Cool wit It" as written by Jason Epperson, Tohri Murphy Lee Harper and Steve Eigner....
This is Cadillac Mack
Seville Appeal
Luv rollin' the L doggs
9 papers

Ayyo, I'm laid back and humble, yeah, I'm cool wit it
Kinda hungry, give me a salad and a soup wit it
Ain't no need for extra rolls, Sue comes wit it
Baby, girl behind the counter lookin' cool wit

She got a fat ass, I know I went to school wit it
She was the type that said I wouldn't know what to do wit it
I kick that Willie Bo Bo aqua suit wit it, went trough wit it
Got her number, she ain't it so I'm through wit it

I let Pooh hit it, he let the crew hit it
Hold on lil' Derrty, for two minutes
I think I left my herb man I ain't cool wit it
Murph Derrt say he got me now I'm cool wit it

I make a lotta dough, pay a lotta pay dues wit it
Pimpin' already, now I got the juice in it
I got the gray Vokal wit the blue in it
Loose, new, blue, fitted, I'm so cool wit it

Ali, you cool wit it?
Ayyo I'm cool wit it
Well, is you cool wit it?
Fo' sho I'm cool wit it
You sure you cool wit it?
Definitely cool wit it K
Kyjuan let me show you really I am

Ayyo, Nas was talkin' but I was cool wit it
DMX said summin' but I was cool wit it
KRS was speakin' but I was cool wit it
And I ain't even gon trip nigga I'm cool wit it

We gon rep us to the fullest hope you cool wit it
Lunatic's for the culture is you cool wit it?
If sauce, stand up yell out yep I'm cool wit it
Yo mo Leezy Nell, I'm done come act a fool wit it

I woke up at 9:30, I was cool wit it
I said damn it's kinda early but I'm cool wit it
I had a message on my celly I'm like who did it?
Turns out, it was this chick I'd like to 'Ooh' wit it

Now I'm tryin' to figure out if I'ma fool wit it
She used to be the cheerleader type, school spirit
You know the pom-poms, back flips, split wit it
I know a lot of niggaz tried but they didn't get it

Or maybe they had the game they just didn't spit it
Or they won't admit it, 'cause they carry too much pride in it
I like to slide in it, flip it and dip it and take a ride in it
Hide in it, might flight glide in it

You know I did it, 'cause I'm cool wit it
A lot of niggaz talkin' shit but I'm cool wit it
Walk in a party, lotta gawkin' but I'm cool wit it
Look outside, see what I'm parkin'? you can't fool wit it

Not at all, you can't fool wit none of that young mate
Why is you trippin of the 24 Escalade
Powdered baby blue wit the Gucci Lou interior
A-ha, slide on young playa
Just be cool wit yo losses, a-ha, Pimp Juice

Yo Murph, you cool wit it?
Yeah, man I'm cool wit it
But is you cool wit it?
Yeah, Derrty I'm cool wit it
You sure you really cool wit it?
Yeah, man I'm cool wit it
Pimp Juice let me show you really I am

Look, look, I got my mama a new house and she cool wit it
I grew up and had to bounce so she cool wit it
Baby sister got a car and she cool wit it
'cause she work and go to school so I'm cool wit it

My granny don't like rap but she cool wit it
'cause as long as I got a job then she cool wit it
To my grandaddy name and he cool wit it
Told me boy don't blow yo money and be cool wit it

So in other words Derrty don't be a fool wit it
He said don't wind up in the motherfuckin' news wit it
And help the family when you can and they cool wit it
Separate the hatas from the friends and be cool wit it

I'm Murph Dert mu'fucka I'm so cool wit it
I send raps on ice 'cause I'm cool wit it
And erry scene I be in I be cool wit it
Pull up in the yellow Benz thing 'cause I'm cool wit it

Nelly you cool wit it
Ali you cool wit it?
Kyjuan's cool wit it
Murphy cool wit it
City Spud cool wit it
And Slo cool too
Party people, lemme show you
How really cool we am

Ay, Slo you cool wit it?
Ay, Spud you cool wit it?
Ay, Coach you cool wit it?

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"Cool wit It" as written by Nat Simon Buddy Bernier

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