"It's Not a Fairytale" as written by and Sarai Marie/williams Howard....
La la lahhh, lahhh
Fa la lahhh, lahhh
Fa lahh, fa lahh

[Verse One]
It all started like this; 9th grade, freshman year
So happy to be in high school I shedded a tear
So many cute dudes to choose from, I knew it was one
that was, right for me, well I thought at least
He was the big guy on campus on the football team
Basketball; homecoming, he was voted for King
There was me, I was on the cheerleading squad
Sweet sixteen, lookin for love in my heart
It was a, beautiful thing from the start I must say
Only problem, my parents were strict, they ain't play
No phone calls after 8, no stayin out late
I'm like daaaaamn, gimme a break
Hormones kickin in, start displayin my shape
More concerned with my looks than my books and grades
Headed nowhere fast, I was on my way
Curiosity, c'mon, I know y'all relate

Think about the characters in my storybook
The pages I have read you
This ain't your momma's fairytale
The things that I have been through
In all my life, and all my days
I ne-ver thought I would end up this way

[Verse Two]
It's been a year now I'm a sophomore, maturin no more
Still I'm young and dumb and plus I'm unsure
who I am what the future has in store
Man I'm tryin to be grown cause my parents now divorced
I took a charge to roll with Dough Boy
Moms tried to force me to move to New York
But of course, that plan it fell short
She found herself caught up in court on child support
Drama, problems of all sorts
Stressin started smokin Newports
Carefree, about the ones who care for me
Lost teen, givin up on my dreams, and as worst as that seems
had me thinkin crazy things like suicide
Like it'd better everything if, I just die
Full blown, without guidance or a home
I'm startin to get stomach pains, that's strange, what could be wrong?


[Verse Three]
What do I do, I ask myself, everyday
A child givin birth to a child, what can I say?
This wasn't 'posed to happen to me, no way
Hear I am, turned my back on my fam, well GOD DAMN
Wasn't even part of the plan, I'm spazzin out
I lay down at night, the hurt just burst out
I shout - how could he leave at my time of need?
'Specially now I'm pregnant and due in three?
Maybe, I should have it and give it up for adoption
I can't graduate, I ain't been to school since August
Often I hear this voice talkin in the back of my mind
So many problems in my life
I just pray for my time to come
God take me leave my child behind, I'm on the run
Adrenaline pumpin so angry, I could kill some'n
Don't make me prove it cause if you don't do it then I'ma do it
I'm foolish and so STUPID!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X to fade

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"It's Not a Fairytale" as written by Beth Gibbons Adrian Utley

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