"Something New" as written by Jason Rene Castro and Matthew Ryan Bronleewe....
Here it is, a world premiere
Crystal clear in your ear, so listen here
Yeah, it's somethin new but I ain't no new kid
So don't fool yourself with garbage that you did
Ain't nothin changed so don't act strange
I'll shoot through your crew, so get out my range
Cause I'm calling shots while I make my appearance
No interruptions, no interference
So turn it up loud and let the bass thump
Give me the mic and watch the whole place jump
I kick a swift rap, sign a gift rap
So zip your lip, I ain't with that riff crap
I go for broke with the rhymes that I wrote
Flow quote for quote, even hit the high note
Rick picks the chicks, I tricks the fix
So sway to the way Kay plays the mix cause it's

Somethin new
From the Grand Daddy you
Somethin new
From the Grand Daddy you

Grab a seat and take heed to the entrepreneur
For sure it's raw, literature hardcore
I'm like but not white quite white, that's right
A parasite who bite I'll invite to fright night
So let it be known, the rap throne I own
So leave my bone and my microphone alone
I gets paid while others get slayed
You're goin out like a roach, I go out like Raid
I won't back up or freeze up, slack up or ease up
Cause Daddy you is cold chewing MC's up
I gets raw with the rhymes I develop
So all of you suckers, shut it shut it
Or I'll bend your chin and grin, you can't win
So spend ten to get in then get ate for din din
Cause in a battle I gets rambunctious
So take heed, no need to pop junk, just
Step step and bow out gracefully
Cause if not, then, my man, your face'll be
Damaged, in other words seriously hurt
This ain't Sesame Street, I ain't Earnie or Bert
When I'm through with you your crew will be residue
So just get out my face is what you better do
You want to brawl, just call, that all
But if you don't come, right
Take the fuck out of here

Somethin new
From the Grand Daddy you
Somethin new
From the Grand Daddy you

Attention, class is bout to begin
Prepare to take notes, grab your paper and pen
As I teach and preach and reach any or each
Parasite or leech the you will impeach
I stomp the comp terminating frauds
While the crowd applauds for the lord of lords
I kick off like a ninja, beef and I'll send ya
Home with broken bones cause suckers I injure
And when I'm through you can pass the brew
But for now I got work to do
So no time to wait, don't debate or procrastinate
I'm rated great cause the fans I fascinate
Shots are called, plugs are installed
Fist is a ball, now it's time to brawl
Suckers get played out walks sleeves are made out
Punks get laid out and Kay wears the fade out
I do away with those who come fronting here
What is you stupid, you can't get nothin here
So play your room or be doomed to rot in hell
You're cold booty, you're softer than cat in hell
Think you can get this? Boy, don't be ridiculous
I shoot more gift than St. Nicholas
Men pretend to win but then the Kay begin
To spin and blend again and again
Before distinguished style that you can recognize
And I fail to understand how the heck them guys
Borrow and bite and not have a guilty conscience
Then grab the mic and recite silly nonsense
Battle the you, you musta flipped your lid
Cause I take your pride like a stick up kid
Bodily damage is done to those who try to stand close
While I swing and sing as smooth as Luther Vandross
Rhymes consist of consonants and vowels
And while I move the crowd you move yours bowles
Yeah, hey yo girls, tell em what this is

Somethin, somethin, somethin new
From the Grand Daddy you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I said somethin's new ooh
From the Grand Daddy you
Peep out somethin new
From the Grand Daddy New

Hi girls, come on, all together now

Somethin, somethin, somethin new
From the Grand Daddy you

That's right
Shipping platinum, platinum, platinum, platinum

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"Something New" as written by A Grand Daddy Iu A. P Cave

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