"R.E.M.E.D.Y." as written by and Colin Linden Jim Weider....
[Intro: Remedy (children)]
"This is worldwide!"
Life... and what does it really all mean ("this is worldwide!")
Reflect on that (R-E-M-E, D-Y) check it out, though

I caught my first half brick in '87
I thought I knew it all, few years past eleven
Middle class kid, who grew up fast, kid
Sharp as glass, skin'll crush like a large mouth bass
In a world movin' fast, can't live in the past
Momma said that the best things in life don't last
Another chapter in the storybook, one more sung
And it's so true, only the good die young
This great country has gone to hell
Nobody listened til the Trade Center fell
Everything that once was good, has just turned back
Happiness has faded to sad
This is just what the industry ordered
Come and get your therapy, Remedy, my own worst enemy
The hits come free, straight from the M.C.
The are-E-M D, now, that's me

[Chorus: Remedy (children)]
If you down on your luck and your just gettin' by (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
If every fuckin' day you love to get high (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
If life really sucks and you just want to die (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
Show no weakness and never let them see you cry (R-E-M-E, D-Y)

Now I retired from the drug game
Self preservation on my family name
I got into this music game, with thoughts about fortune and fame
To find the music and drug game were two in the same
We got dealers turned artists and artists turned dealers
Squealers, pro stealers and big four wheelers
Iced out chains and platinum frames
And big big guns and big big names and
Hollywood's burnin', it must be the music
You can ask E. Sermon (do-do-do-do-doo)
We got, club promoters who turned label owners
Yo feed the homeless, man, we need blood donors
Here's an M.C. advisory, nothin' about the industry's clean
The only thing that matters is green
It is what it is and exactly what how it seems
Cash Rules Everything Me, C.R.E.A.M.

[Chorus: Remedy (children)]
When you see me on the street and just walk on by (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
If every time speak can't help but to lie (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
If you stuck in the kitchen and got fish to fry (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
Now reach, reach up and touch the sky (R-E-M-E, D-Y)

Now I looked the major labels straight dead in their face
And I told 'em, "yeah ya'll, thanks but no thanks"
They want to throw a few hundred g's in my face
Like I ain't already have g's in the bank
They want to sell me fame but I don't want to buy it
My name in the game is enough, keep quiet
They got live bait and they wheelin' in fish
So all you fuckin' artists best to make one wish
There is no difference between us and them
I was doin' this before now til then
Now everybody want to sign the next white rapper
Don't make me have to, be the one to slap ya

[Chorus: Remedy (children)]
Suicide, it's a suicide (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
Who, what, where, when, how and why (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
Suicide, it's a suicide (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
Who, what, where, when, how and why (R-E-M-E, D-Y)

[Outro: Children]
This is worldwide (R-E-M-E, D-why, are-E-M-E, D-Y)
This is worldwide, if you don't know, now you know
Remedy! (R-E-M-E, D-Y) 2002, come through, yeah (R-E-M-E, D-Y)
(R-E-M-E, D-Y)

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"R.E.M.E.D.Y." as written by Jim Weider Colin Linden


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