"Ill Technique" as written by Jason Rawls and Jermaine Sanders....
[ VERSE 1: J. Sands ]
Yo, stepped out my door into the world, now it's on
The sun gave birth, so now the nighttime is born
Nothin different than the norm as the plot takes form
Inner feelings remain warm to shelter me from the storm
Cause the city could swallow you whole, so be warned
The streets are filled with scorn from dusk to morn
I gotta be alerted for all times or be torn
From my earthly existence, I measure the distance
And calculate a path straight so my time is efficient
Can't waste not a second or breath
So when I step, man, I trek
Mind focused, hollow point is noticed
At the fly Latin hostess, workin ????
But never hesitate my motion
My body floatin like the wind over the ocean
I saw the brothers toastin, the Thunderbird wine
Givin praise to the stars as they shine
Exchanged pounds, started to rhyme
Once the cipher hit its peak, I continued down the street
Cause my mission was incomplete, this was no time to sleep
Gotta get back to the lab and freak something that y'all can peep
From Lone Catalysts, very unique
The way we organize it all with the ill technique
The way we organize it all with the ill technique
The way we organize it all with the ill technique

[ VERSE 2: J. Sands ]
Only a block left to go before I reach the studio
The story goes: Rawls in the lab eatin Oreos
Waitin on me to show, he got a track and need a pro
Usually have some tree to blow, but nowadays I leave or go
When it's time to breathe a flow, even though
You might see me in your section
Eyes red complexion
With my man [Name] and LG flex on
You know that, so finally the destination
I'm at the lab with Rawls and without no hesitation
"My mic sounds nice, check one
My mic sounds nice, check two"
And with no further ado, you know the are-e-s-you-me
We be in the lab like all day
Rawls makes the track and I spit not the wack
Mix all the levels, then record it all on the DAT
Then take it to the Sugar Shack where Rashaad is at
Let him peep the joint cause 'cause got a knack
To spot the sure shots and the or-not's
So we be up in the lab till about 4 o'clock
In the AM, the next day, yo, it's no delayin
Time to put it to wax, CDs and tapes
To generate the papes, to generate the papes
Cause once it circulates everyone will state
That the Lone Catalysts be on a ill technique
Aiyo, the Lone Catalysts be on a ill technique
Aiyo, the Lone Catalysts be on a ill technique
Aiyo, you know the repertoire, baby paw, don't sleep

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"Ill Technique" as written by Jermaine Sanders Jason Rawls


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