"From the Gate" as written by and Jared Lee Taylor....
{Shawn Geez}
Yo they done started somethin' now man,
ay-yo this is the ... Shawn Geez man
repping with my the Grand Agent man
Ay-yo, A Wise Man once said, to those who want peace, let there be peace.
But to those who want war... (check it out)(no doubt) ...Sheesh!

{Grand Agent}
[ CHORUS (2X) ]
I'ma tell you straight from the gate, you frauds
My name is Grand Agent, closest thing to the lord
that the mic is gonn' ever know... you want to flow?
betta flow the fuck outta here. It's my era

Raise your glass make a toast to your last brick a hope
The Grand Agent, I don't throw jab or bag coke
This high-baller had this thing about his once sour
I got the right mind to rest in this eleventh hour
I can't see God rhyming in the same game, with what's his name
you know him when you see him, he caught the fame.
Like the bouquet inside the wedding
The same fame I be dodgin' cause it came two day ahead and
For them insecure assholes with no grease
I want to be a James Todd, not a Chochise
Happily ever after, but still black
and through the hood like the good wind chill fac(tor)
Breeze through with some G's and tools
that may or may not, necessarily be pistols
See that's for me to know, for y'all to never learn
study Grand all you gettin' is a mirror burn
I'm from the same place that you came
from the insame come'a the brains behind the son
I was thought up, brought up to be the Agent
that hits the listenin booth, with this medicinal truth
Refinement assignment, I got to grind it all the way out
break day stay out, be only seen en route
To bigger better more focussed and fruitful
other LPs you can cop this one bought you
It opens you wide as the country side
from the city though, where they shot cops like videos
This is the sounds of the grounds I'm familiar with
some down low well-educated killa shit
You can't defeat what you can't provoke
'cause what you can't provoke won't even rumble you, humbled you
Like the slap box that went too far
hit you too hard and, now you want to hurt me
Well eat me, jerk me, that's all I got for you
save the grade school shit, this is doctoral
Black pain driven, type'a talk the walk
niggas to the uncharted lands to earn the same livin
Just hold hold my hands, just blast my record
true that I'm the man but it's all about the message
The moral to the chorus the theme of the beat is
Without a big dick, all your dreams incomplete. That's why


Yo... Grand Agent up in here.
Just want to take this time to send a special dedication.
To all my... friends and foes.
To all my... beats and flows.
Ya know I'm sayin? Make yourself at home.
Get comfortable. Ya know I mean?
I got the mic now.

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"From the Gate" as written by Jared Lee Taylor


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